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Artist: Twista
Album:  Back to the Basics
Song:   Ferocious
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"Hey, yeah" {*repeats throughout song*}

I be the grossest
nigga spittin dirt about the hood then to go with a flow that's ferocious
Kill 'em off with a minimal dosage
You don't wanna see the result of my ultimatum when I focus
And I got the streets on lock
Motherfuckers feast on Twist like they feast on 'Pac
I'm a beast and the beats don't stop
Twista and The Legendary Traxster and we so hot
Kill 'em off if we ever get into it in a minute I'ma murder 'em
and put 'em in a bodybag, ain't nothin they can do about it
Dump 'em in the streets, you'll never know it was Get Money
that was in the controversy cause I off whoever knew about it
Take it up another level when I'm off of tropical
and raise it up another, that's how I live my mentality
Physically I be from the inner city, yeah the Windy City
but I'm spiritually from another galaxy
And I be, one of them, niggaz that, never do, give a fuck
what you say as long as I'ma get 'em up
Witness that I'm fly, look at the way I kick back
Quickest in the Chi, guess you can say I spit that
Devin Hester, D. Rose
Never see me at a show in cheap clothes
Take over the game, no cheat code
I'ma ball like Shaq, no free throws
I'm on

[Chorus: Twista]
When it be comin to this rap shit I'm top shotta
Midwest godfather, honored in the city like Bambaataa
And I'm a damn problem, a Speedknot Mobsta
Blowin on the top ganja, everything I wear cost top dollar
If you on what I'm on come fuck with me
If you 'bout gettin money come fuck with me
If you blowin on loud come fuck with me
If you need a new style come fuck with me

I am the Higgs boson
Class of the rap, Lance Briggs with photons
Come on ride that now with more gigs and roll bombs
Make you have to hold yo' kids in yo' arms
Got you the remedy
Withstand the test of time like I'm the Statue of Liberty
And I'm bringin the wrath of my enemy
and I'm an immortal when I'm in the portal full of math and chemistry
Tellin you that I'ma get 'em, when I see you comin with the rhetoric
that let me know you wanna get annihilated
I am at the pinnacle of when I'm on a beat
I leave a enemy in back of me and anybody violated
Put 'em at the bottom of the barrel, I'm a animal
I kill 'em with the ammunition, ain't gon' be no murderin me
Comin to the surface of the earth in the purpose of workers
or worth of a purse of a hundred million money for me
Protons, neutrons, electrons
Buildin blocks to a Decepticon, you just met with Tron, the upset LeBron
Kobe-Wan Kenobi, left-handed I'm a black Ginóbili
Shootin them until they marry, death and holy matrimony
Shit on motherfuckers if I ever catch 'em actin phony