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Artist: Twista f/ Big Zak, Cee-Lo, Jazze Pha
Album:  Adrenaline Rush 2007
Song:   Say Say
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[Intro: Jazze Pha]
Ladies and gentlemen you are now tuned in to the very best
One of the most delightful of all times (sho' nuff!)
Jazze Phizzle (Phizzle) Cee-Lo Green (Sugar Lo)
Twista, it gets no better baby!
[Chorus 2X: Big Zak]
Heyyyyy, you a trapper's delight
You're an actor's delight, you a rapper's delight
Heyyyyy, say, I got to have you mama
Say say what's happenin mama, say say say what's happenin mama
Your boy Twista, rapper's delight
She made me wanna take it back, I'ma do it like this
Hey hey, you a rapper's delight with the thick luxurious thighs
I been after your ass since I been bumpin Grandmaster Flash and Furious 5
When I was bumpin Melly Mel before I was makin hella mail
sportin Pelle Pelle you was thick as hell
All my homies in the industry'll love you
When it come to suckin dick you lookin like you lick it well
With a old school fatty, make a nigga wanna take it back 
when you let me hit it from the back
When you come in the room and take it off 
I'ma have to break it off to an old school track
When I'm lookin at the way you be shakin your rump
Be makin me wanna come fuck you, no fakin the funk
And when your lil' gangsta bitch mode take place
Make a nigga wanna bump the first face take
It's like a jungle sometimes that make me wonder
how I keep from goin under and I wanna be your lover
But I gotta wear a rubber
Though the booty's so soft when she tell me take it off I say huh huh huh
Twista rollin with trappers tonight, you got the type of body actors'll like
With a ass so fat and titties so big, shit girl you a rapper's delight
[Jazze Pha]
What's up? (What's up?) What's happenin? (What's happenin?)
Girl I got two ticket let's do some travellin (travellin)
We'll leave from the A-Town
And when we touch down - ooh girl
Air is startin to feel a little breezier
On second thought maybe you should just bring your fur - word
Yo' looks, you fly, my swag, me too
My style, stay fresh, yo' bag, too cute
Are those new boots? Well these are, just swipe them on my Visa
Let's stop through Vegas, spin the wheel at the Palace of young Caesar
If the plane make your head hurt, here's an aspirin
We on the ski lifts off in Aspen, so what's up, what's happenin?
So what do you do besides stand around and look pretty, hmm?
Or do you get paid to do that? Ah-ha, see, I knew that
I bet Diddy'll think you're pretty, and Mekhi Phifer gon' like you
Leave her alone LeBron, and oh be careful Tyson'll bite ya
Wow, just like my new place, ooh I'm going to decorate you
And I'ma be honest, most of the women there are going to hate you
But what can you say boo, you all in they way boo
Brazilian wax and a facial, that's a busy day boo
I mean may take exact fate, everybody okay you
And it's your reality, I'll get MTV to pay you
Oh what a fabulous life, all in one fabulous night
House up on +Sugar Hill+, you're a "Rapper's Delight"