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Artist: Twista f/ Speedknot Mobstaz
Album:  2 for 10
Song:   Stick Up the World
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[Chorus 2X: Twista]
If you my partner in crime, well c'mon ride with me
We gon' stick up the world, let's split it 50/50
Count the money in the hotel suite smokin sticky
If the police want some, the bitches can come and get me

Now you were steady talkin 'til you heard that click-clack
Now come around me talkin shit you gon' get bitch slapped
Now this is my life, my money, my hoes
Pullin Benzes and Bentleys out a garage do'
Think we give a fuck about you? We gettin money mayne
But still'll tell a bitch nigga he gotta run that chain
We conquer all obstacles, you miss the preliminaries
I send six to a soul and put him in the cemetary
Men have varied that I suffered from the consequences of me
Never can put some shots on me cause my defense is ugly
Haters wanna kill Liff' and Twist' and they wanna murder Mayz
'til we send shots through they flesh, veins, ventricles and vertabraes
Give surgeries and death to niggaz, wanna win a war but my weapon's bigger
I'm Tec religious, but most of all I'm obsessed with figures
Gotta get it, we can do whatever
I got a plan and some guns (fuck 'em) we can do this together


I bet I catch you bitch niggaz on the tip
Cause I swear I got you faggots gettin pistol whipped
See we ain't backin down to your mob or your chief
Cause we don't give a fuck 'bout the niggaz smokin leaf
Mob with the real niggaz tryin to get a meal
'Til the rest of the fam come home from state ville{?}
We gon' keep it pimpin while you faggot niggaz hate
But no matter what nigga we'll never break
Fool this is M-O-B 'til I can't breathe
Cause I'ma keep bustin 'til I can't squeeze
And show you fake ass hustlers how to make cheese
Cause you ain't seen a soldier 'til you fake steez
K-Town ass niggaz doin what we do, keepin it hot
Always packin millimeters when you see us on the block
Our pockets stay on swole, gettin sweaty by your girl (fuck 'em)
Cause she already know we 'bout to split up the world


[Liffy Stokes]
First you was hard, now you got the fuck face
Cause we got you in the basement wrapped up in duct tape
You'll be a lonely hater fuckin with this {?}
I spit more game at these niggaz than a negotiator
You down to get this money nigga well then ride with me
Grab a pistol and some shells, we'll split it 50/50
I go against the grain, keep a bomb on the dope with 'caine, numb you like novocaine
Keep the dope fiends catchin dreams, shoot 'em all about my change
I keep my Glock on cock when I'm walkin up the block
I keep my stash on lock for them pussy ass cops
I keep a bundle of joy, the brown and the boy
Bad bitch whippin the clip that'll make a lot of noise
I got a lot of boys and they down to die with me
Real soldiers on the ground that'll give you fifty
To your face for the boss of all bosses
Made niggaz run these streets built on coffins


Mobstaz {*echoes*}