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Artist: Twista f/ Speedknot Mobstaz
Album:  2 for 10
Song:   Church Bus on the Move
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And they say pimpin, yeah
Check it out (check it out)

[Liffy Stokes]
I'm big pimpin while I roam on chrome
Sippin 'gnac, on 'dro, in the zone
Three B's and a fifth on the dome
In a black Cutty leaned, laid back on the phone
Tryin to pull it with two thick redbones
Ass so fat, shit they look like homes
for sale, for sho' they can that mail
Will break a nigga quick when they wag on that tail
I seen niggaz get gone on dummy
Swarm the pussy like bees to honey
But I'm about my weed and money
And I keep me a couple case niggaz act funny
They don't wanna see church on the move
M-O-B niggaz, man we do what we do
Slam Cadillac do's, and fuck hoes
A made nigga makin moves on the hustle

[Chorus 2X: Twista]
She make you holla holla for the dollar dollar
Get out the way, church bus on the move
She gets you hotter hotter, have pussy will travel
Big pimpin on the move - get your money now

She listen to me cause she fuckin with a pimp
You know I'm mackin cause I'm walkin with a limp
You see a shawty steady stalkin, she was listenin to me talkin
Now she really wanna be my bottom bitch
She saw how much and it was draggin on the flo'
She saw a nigga steady poppin Cris' and Mo'
She saw how a nigga really get to kickin
Jewelry quick and fingers flickin and how quick I can pull a hoe
She fascinated with bringin a brother ends
And fully astonished, my hoe wants a Benz
I put her in my stable of winners, we're pimpin in the club
and check out what the other when they get in
Gangsta gangsta, baller baller
Steady pullin niggaz and they funny
when they gank ya gank ya, soon as you call up
Cause they know I gotta get my money
and the dough, Twista keep the paper in control
Plus I got the mackin game sold, makin money gettin blow
And I got the vehicle for trouble
cause I gotta take this pimpin on the road
Havin hoes yellin


Come here girl, look amazing, drink
Let me send you a fresh dream while you caressin my mink
I wanna get inside your head and learn how you think
then show you how to eat your coochie to get up out them link
Church - shit is like one-two-three
In a scrum lookin dumb, bring the dough straight to me
Can you see yourself usin sex to get baguettes?
Well if you say yes I'll let you push my roulette
Tell a bitch anything she wanna hear
Whatever it take to make her ass get in gear
Cause I need to reload my bomb, re-up on trees
Hustling sprees on my SUV's
But don't hate me, I'm a P-I-M-P
Usin the gift of gab to get financial degree
Girl you can have that ice, all you gotta do is prove
that you got what it takes to keep the bus on the move


Holla holla