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Artist: Troy Ave f/ Styles P
Album:  White Christmas 2 (Mixtape)
Song:   Do It
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Troy Ave]
Now I ain't got a worry in the world, I went from dealing bricks to doing rap
But nowa nigga know I'm gonna be rich
I see the haters I'm pointing, and laughing at the tears
I'm the biggest thing out my city in the past ten years
They don't do shit they pussy, in gats we trust
We ain't the same, motherfuckers never loved us
Drake do R&B, that's how he make his chips
I did R&B too, but mines was rap and bricks
Don't knock the hustle we open, come in go shop
Man you can buy anything except your way to the top
I look and sound like New York, all my beats do not
These other rappers lookin' shitty tryin' to see young chop
I'm fever, the new school leader, you don't got no class I don't fuck with you neither
So don't tell me that you rep New York and like what I bring
I heard that song when you was trying to be like 2chainz
You ride around lickin' dick, I'm riding around with the grit
Life ill and everyone real a nigga spit
A few of you want payback cause your people gone
But I know God got me, I did more right then wrong
Hovain is killing, the business building
I want more and I say let's get millions
That's what we about to be getting, I ain't trying to boast
But you niggas can't see me, motherfucker I'm ghost

[Verse 2: Styles P]
I'm ghost too
Guess what I'm close to? The handgun, the weed bag
Tell grandmothers I'll kill their grandsons
My soul's ugly my face handsome
I sold bass, and I took niggas for ransom
Ex stick up kid, heroin dealer
A lot of rappers claiming they real but I bet I'm realer
I'm just an OG smoking OG kush
I'll murder that young boy and get the OG bush
It's enormous shit, new informer shit
Get you popped up, 38 taurus shit
Niggas like me, is the reasons that the law exist
Lord assist, [?]
You want bricks? I'm the one you put the order with
Fuck it up you getting drowned in your [?]
I'm on some mexican, cartel, border shit
I got fish scale, who looking to score this shit
I got big bullets, who want to explore the clip
Either the big nine or the four to fifth
Or you can get a shell from the trey pound
The money stacks up but I stay down