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Artist: Troy Ave f/ Pusha T
Album:  New York City
Song:   Everything
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[Verse One: Troy Ave]
Uh! Dope boy swag to the max on (That's a fact!)
Dealin 'ye for the pay with the strap on (Get clapped!)
Money ain't a thang but a quick meat (What's up?)
Nigga murder ain't a thang but a hip reach (BLAOW!)
B.K. nigga and I been what's up (Brooklyn!)
Word to my mother I don't give a fuck (Not at all)
Like a frontin hoe (OH!) I ain't frontin though (NO!)
I ain't gotta make a call I just dump and go (B-B-BLAOW!!!)
Fast lane livin shit I'm in the streets 
And you can feel that when I get a beat 
Detail raps you can see my sheet
I been toten gats since I had the beat (Since the beat)
Fuzz lit, thug shit
New York City crack house drug shit (Powder!)
That's what the fuck I'm representin
Dirty cash with the clothes what the fuck am I repentin nigga?!

[Chorus: Troy Ave]
Yeah! I'm sellin birds, come and get a wing (Powder!)
BSB in the hood we the mediyeen (What do I say?)
I'm all good, we in heavy bling (BLING!!!!)
Niggas front we puttin holes up in everything (B-B-BLAOW!!!)
Everything! (BLAOW!) Everything! (B-B-BLAOW!!!) 
My niggas puttin holes up in everything! (BLAOW!!!)
Everything! (BLAOW!) Everything! (B-B-BLAOW!!!) 
My niggas puttin holes up in everything! (BLAOW!!!)

[Verse Two: Pusha T]
Niggaz who ain't sellin no records look defeated
Low shades on in the club clothed repeated
Since '02, I told you I ain't need it
+Billie Jean+ step on the square, tell you to +Beat It+
(YAH~!) Bricks in my backpack, scale and a black Mac
Niggaz don't talk on the phone, they can tap that
Unwrapped - raw, isotol - mix
Once it shrink - wrapped, mummified - bricks
{*snorts*} Hundred thousand dollar car minimum
And they candy colored coated like an M&M
Came with a bleach-blonded bitch who love Eminem
And a tan on her skin like a Timberland
(Picture that) Everything! Nigga, I got everything!
Money, cash, hoes - that's my everything!
Niggaz talkin like they heavy slang
We get it straight from the mediyeen!


[Outro: Sample from "Biggie/Tupac Live Freestyle"]
One two, gonna do it like this
Gonna do it like this, one two