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Artist: Triggnomm
Album:  Protect Ya Neck Collection, Vol. 1
Song:   Outlaws
Typed by: CnoEvil@Wu-Lyicz.Com

[Intro: Triggnomm]
Yo, yo, it's Triggnomm, from Brooknam, you heard?
Down for the cause, goin' out for ours, scream outlaws
Outlaw, knawhatImean?
If you givin' up drawers, when you really ain't a whore, scream outlaw
You heard? Yo

My flows is sour, spit contaminated baby powder
Vision time like temperature, over the watch tower
New York hour glass, sippin' currency stash
Drippin' hot ones over insufficient funds
We ambitious duns, and high speed to achieve
High risk for prophet, take a loss by force
Be at high course, of rehab and recoup
Relocate and regroup, retaliate be redemption of feel's nation
I got nervous condition, like snap, she snap back, then smack
My reaction, Iron Horse Outlaws
On the world tour, with nothin' less than the boss
My life, you picture, cheese, weed and liquor
It be for the bread, mister, catch a wig, pick you
Rib stick you, nine to the spine, Tec to the neck
For real, O'Neal respect, baller
In Coney Island, full court in the middle of autumn
Get it, hit it, poetic phantom, malicious anthem
Cock and unload, switch flows, spittin' Morse codes
El Bandito, parallel to sniffin' a kilo
Rhymin' Vin Diesel, white gloves and shiest mugs
Playin' with snubs, hit 'em out, the crack of the tub
Millennium thugs, vital flow, survival subtitle
Death on arrival, left hand on the Bible
You cut it, you die, hits stay committed, don't cry
Recognize the grand pie, with lust provides money and mankind
Define power for the pavement, kids blazin', makin' arrangements
In this New World Order, it's man slaughter, and we just thugs for flirtin'
Sippin' red hot, rum and in soda
Ten year better, with p felon, crime commuters
Knockin' niggas out, with fuckin' dead in the shitter
For real jail shit be the semen and skit
It was for real jail shit, that had us goin' legit

[Chorus 2X: Triggnomm]
If you down for the cause, gettin' down for yours
Scream outlaw, outlaw, an outlaw, outlaw
If you givin' up the drawers, but you really ain't a whore
Scream outlaw, outlaw, an outlaw, outlaw

Starvin' to eat, consisten when I floss on a beat
Flowin' a beast, spit with the style of the streets
Rhymes is weak, I dare hear my name out ya teeth
In your speech, or you into publicity beef
Got in for slander, candid camera on the Islander
Doin' head-gym advance, freelance with the sun dance
Rap chancellor, verbal bandoleer, poultry handler, slow mo, flow damage you
And this relentless persuit perfection
Sick protection, son, I'm into mic style testin'
Metaphor malice in, live literature lesson
To hip hop a blessing, to rap cats upsettin'
Careers, if you ain't my peers, nothin' get scared
To come up, what you gonna do when we run up
Throw your guns up, boy, bust your slug and
Spine bind, playin' the drums, smackin' a nigga's mug
Now you thugged out, thugged out, repetition get bugged out
And you get bit, I spit beetlejuice be the shit

[Chorus 2X]

I hustle vertically, my destination is sky, son
Lay in C.I., live, where we live and let die
Speedin' the flow, scheme with a triple beam blow
Usual obstacles, I school dudes with jewels
My profession, is simply have sense of direction
Escapin' your best men, I continue with my weapons
My cats stutter steppin', half-step like slow mo crept
Skills I kept, half a mills I still swept
Operation Money Makin', and that be law
Trips to the floor, Outlaws in the morgue doin' jigsaw
Spittin' the raw, lecture, B.K. to B-More
Robo flow, Henny, hydro and yae yo
On the reload, under the tent we keep the info
Superior, Triggnomm, I supervise the area

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: Triggnomm]
Blaow, nine hundred niggas, you heard?
M.M.O. status, boy, swarmin' ya'll
That's how it's goin' down, for the 2 triple 0
Coney Island gangsta shit