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Artist: Triggnomm f/ P.I.R.U., Probyn
Album:  Protect Ya Neck Collection, Vol. 1
Song:   Feds is Watching Me
Typed by: CnoEvil@Wu-Lyicz.Com

[Intro: P.I.R.U.]
Yeah, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
They be watchin', they watchin' me, they be watchin', they watchin' me
They be watchin', they watchin' me, they be watchin', they watchin' me

[Chorus 2X: P.I.R.U.]
The feds is watchin' me, cause I'm makin' that money
Got to be careful what they see, they want to put the lock on me

See where I'm from, we keep it hot everyday
When you on the phone, nigga, better watch what you say
They say where them cats from, they up the block to B.A.
Where niggas known to bust at the cops everyday
See where I'm from, people say that crime pays
And them snitches droppin' dimes on the D.E.A.
See it ain't nothin', I got these cops on my roof
Then I'm outside with these crack rocks in my boots
See I'm a hustler, and I don't stop til I'm through
And I keep my eyes pealed, I gotta watch what I do
And people sayin', they got fix on my teams
And they did it all just for the love of the CREAM
And that serial number, on side of my toaster
And that blood residue, inside of my holster
And that snitch nigga, he had to get merked
Now the block's hot, now I gotta stash all my work

[Chorus 2X]

Son I done changed names, slow mo in the service lane
Flashin' hazards, this life of lavish is a habit
Load an automatic, tucked by the spine be
On some hide and go seek, come find me
Glued to the rear view, see you behind me
In the tinted Capri, buggin' my Noki'
I be O-T, dough flow, so sweet
So low key, neighbors don't know me
Yet it be rats and feds, feds and rats
I'm bout to snap, they got my two-way tapped
I move eight sack, North Cack' to Now Yack
P-Noid, duckin' the Polaroid
Camcorders I avoid, fitted hat tilt
Talks are deals dealt, got cats caps pealed
It be a mystery before they get to me
M.I.A., like Chandra Levy

[Chorus to fade]