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Artist: Trife Diesel
Album:  The Project Pope
Song:   The World is a Ghetto
Typed by: pneumatic

(The world is a ghetto, The world is a ghetto)

[Trife Diesel]
Yo, Ayo the world is a ghetto and me and my child love it
Born and raised in the slums, And yes I'm proud of it
Crack-heads, Prostitutes, And dealers with lots of loot
Who live by the gun law, If you pull it, You gots to shoot
Armed robbery, Assaults, And homicides
Voices echo off the buildin, Young little children hearin their momma cry
Growin up traumatized, Gettin locked in a cage
Or even thrown in a grave, Before they time arise
Their eyes tell a million and one stories
This shorty asked him if I could throw him a pack, He wants to pump for me
This shit is crazy, The struggle, The grind
The fact is, We livin backwards and it troubles the mind
I used to juggle dimes, Got bagged, Went to jail a couple times
I'm still hustlin, Difference now, I hustle rhymes
I light a dutch so my thoughts can settle
Close my eyes and visualize on how this world is a ghetto
Cause I was...

Walking down the street, Smoggy eyed
Looking at the sky, (The sky) Smoggy eyed.

[Trife Diesel]
These are my hood chronicles from my broad street journal
In a city that never sleeps and these fiends are nocturnal
Signs posted up inside of the halls read no loitering
Narcs rushin drugs with the flushin, The block boilin
Niggas poisonin, They blood with that brown oil and
Thinkin that a Hennessy bottles their only loyal friend
Troops gettin sent to Iraq, We keep deployin them
Bush AKA the blood sucker, He's just destroyin them
I sit and watch television and vision it's hell we livin
My nigga C-Rule is bittin, He doin like twelve in prison
A street scholar once threw me a jewel
A dummy can't play the wise, But a wise can play a fool
That's why I move they way I move and step light in my shoes
Watch my back at all times and walk the streets with a tool
I light a dutch, Take a puff and gravitate to a level
Close my eyes a visualize on how this world is a ghetto
Cause I was...


[Trife Diesel]
Yo, Who knows what we livin for when all we do is vision war
Locked behind prison walls, Searchin for that hidden door
Tryna find a way to escape, Through all the madness
And there's crooked ass cops on the blocks, Flashin they badges
And all across the atlas I see nothin but sadness
Children livin in sadness with no food in they cabinets
Born in a storm like a song by Lenny Kravis
There's no health coverage, No insurance for medicine tablets
I'm losin faith, What's goin on with the human race
I seen the pain and sufferin on Huey Newton's face
Brothers gettin sent to death row, No execution dates
Thrown in institutions, Feelin trapped in a crucial place
So put your hands in the sky, Wave em high, Wave em high
If you ready to ride and aint afraid to die
I light a dutch so my thoughts could settle
Close my eyes and visualize on how this world is a ghetto.

(The world is a ghetto)