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Artist: Trife Diesel
Album:  The Project Pope
Song:   War Scarz
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Trife Diesel]
Yeah yeah, Uh huh
Real talk yall, True story live in the makin
May 29th, 1999, That was the day 12 AM was the time
Knowhatimsayin, Feel me out on this one
Listen closely, Pay attention.

[Trife Diesel]
Ayo, I wonder what people think when they see the scar on my neck
Is he blood, Is he crip, Is he part of a set
Did he get it on the street or did he get it in jail
I go through the same shit, I'm just your typical male
When people asked I used to get offensive
And I never paid the hospital bill cause that shit was expensive
On top of that, Niggas tried to profit off that
Tried to get me for my chain cause my pockets was flat
Felt the razor penetratin my skin
Had to block my grill piece so they couldn't rip my face from the chin
I caught 40 stitches, Rapped up leavin the ER
Thinkin to myself like damn, This couldn't be God
I felt niggas tried to disrespect me
But when it's all said and done bitches still find me sexy
They caught me slippin on a deuce, Far from a coward
But I was overpowered, I was missin my troops
Out number like 6 to 1, Wishin that I had my gun
Me and my baby moms, Chillin we was havin fun
But how could I complain
When I was 5 inches from death, The blade almost ripped my jugular vein
Old earth by my side tryna comfort the pain
But when a nigga doin dirt I guess it come with the game
So I took it as a lost, Held that and brushed it off
The cops stated that it was gang related in the reports