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Artist: Trife Diesel f/ Boaz
Album:  The Project Pope
Song:   State to State
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Trife Diesel]
Yeah, Uhh, What the fuck is up, DJ Chef, I see you
Good lookin out, New York's backbone nigga
Gaten Island, Holla, Pistolvania, Uhh
Do these niggas dirty, Got my bag big
Uh huh, Yeah, Du-Lilz what up, Rick what up, Yeah, Ayo...

[Trife Diesel]
Ayo I got niggas in uniforms true to form
The rap game is like feet watch me remove the corns
So I'd advise yall to move along or lose your pawns
And there's enough dough for all of us to eat
So don't complain when the food is gone
Yall dudes is movin wrong, I write a mean quick sixteen
Before the engineer could even que the song
Meet the new LeBron, The man that started his career
Featured on the most slept on album of the year
Ricker's Island niggas is stylin and whilin on a chair
Some nigga got his face blown, Now he's smilin ear to ear
Yeah, My dough grow like Chia pets, Adidas sweats
Two time felon, Two carry guns like Korean vets
Niggas respect my swagger, The white boys listen to my songs
Whilin in they dogs and Wagner
Sippin Henny out of muddy cups, Don't try to study us
Cause Trife Da God and Du-Lilz we keep them buddies tucked

[Chorus 2X: Boaz, (Trife Diesel)]
From city to city, State to state, (Them niggas aint fuckin with us)
Guns up if you want us, (Then you come and get us)
(Yeah them niggas from the Island is here)
And the homie from the burb, (Look who whilin this year)

You know I rep for the strip, The tech and the clip
Them things go for low prices
I'm down and dirty about this money, Still I'm pro righteous
The coke butter, I get it raw like Osirus
Like these hoes in bands we stretchin O's to brand
Fill them foes with lead, Fuck a body snatch a soul instead
I'm tryna make you understand me
No remorse for your people, I'll take you from your family
And give you back to your creator
Bring war to your door just a snap and your ____
And put you on smooth seas, A happier crusader
My flows so loco, Just listen it's your brain on drugs
The haze, The Henny, The stress aint the same on thugs
You know I try to get it off just as fast as I re up
Fresh gear, Fresh Airs, The homie stay G'd up
Thirty dollars a gram, Still rollin the weed up
Your blocks slow I hit with that product and speed up