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Artist: Trife Diesel
Album:  The Project Pope
Song:   I'm Saying it Now
Typed by: pneumatic

If I could I woulda shoulda, Folks always say
If I could I woulda shoulda, I'm saying it now
I'm saying it now, I'm saying it now, I'm saying it now.

[Trife Diesel]
Yeah, No more waking up at twelve noon, I'm well groomed
On tour for six months living out of hotel rooms
See I'm here for a common cause, To get my album in stores
The God told me that the power is yours
Now all I gotta do is open these doors and hope that we score
I seen him in my dreams when he spoke of these laws
I play it cool when approaching these whores
And I'ma work my balls of on stage til I'm soaked in my drawers
While on project rev
The feds swept thirty-five niggas out the hood and left my projects dead
Stay hungry, Stack money and deposit bread
I'm World wide, Out in Phillie, Peace to Cosmic Kev
Motherfuckers better be afraid, Catch me at the V.M.A.'s
Sitting next to Mya holding hands like we engaged
Award ceremonies, Big plaques on the wall
Your boy came a long way from sling'n cracks in them halls
Come on yall

[Hook: Trife Diesel, (Sample)]
(If I could I woulda shoulda) If I could I woulda shoulda
(Folks always say) Folks always say
(If I could I woulda shoulda) Uh huh, Uh huh
So what you saying nigga, (I'm saying it now)
Uh huh, (I'm saying it now) New York's backbone
(I'm saying it now) Momma always said I was destined for greatness
(I'm saying it now) Your boy grown now Mommy

[Trife Diesel]
yo word on the street says Trife matured for quite a while
And he eating good plus now-a-days he got a brighter smile
And his face got a prominent glow
And any label that he signed to he promise'n dough
Only twenty-four young with a dominant flow
And I remember getting three hundred dollars a show
You gotta start from the bottom just to make it to the top
Cause three beans in a hour yo I made that on the block
I coulda fell, Deep in a spell
Wake'n up just repeating this Hell, Falling asleep in a cell
Nigga vanish every summer, But I'm still withstanding that hunger
Record execs taking my manager's number
Now that my foot is in, Fuck looking back on where I coulda been
Damn it feels good donating back to my hood again
So I'm saying this now for future references
No matter the estimate Trife's erasing the deficit

[Hook 2X w/ Trife ad-libs]