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Artist: Trife Diesel
Album:  The Project Pope
Song:   The Game Don't Change
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Trife Diesel]
New York's backbone, Trife Diesel
Army Fatigue, Theodore
TU for life, Let's get it right
Phenom the Don, Gridlock
Fuck around and get your shit popped
Holla nigga, Straight up and down
We run New York, Sinister grins younawhatimsayin
So when you come through man fix your face
Or get your shit slapped

[Trife Diesel]
(Yo, Uhh) You are now listenin to the sounds of Trife dez
The best thing goin for niggas since white tees
You cowards better stay in your lane, Or die rapidly
Don't gotta sell 5 mil, Long as I die happily
Big dates, Major estates, With large ranches
Laid back, Rollin cigars with harsh branches
Goin on Hawaiian skunk, Grey Goose, Hawaiian punch
Aint nothin like Hawaiian cunt, I dare niggas try to stunt
He need to sit his ass down, Yeah this guys drunk
And we them east side boys, We supply the crunk
Flip a mil, Got your girl on tape
Feedin that dick to her lips, Like a sirloin steak
T.M.F Theodore, We got the world on shake
Blow out your candles, And we put the swirl on cakes
All bottles on me tonight, Nigga you see the ice
Yo flee, Tell them lazy ass hoes bring us some weed to light

[Chorus 2X: Trife Diesel]
The game don't change, Just the players involved
Same shit, Different day, Another case to be solved
Motherfuckers better stay on they job
It's Theodore and Army Fatigue, Fuck around and get robbed

[Trife Diesel]
You can find me out back like a steak house, Holdin the 8th out
Catch you on your patio snoozin, And blow your face out
Through on some surgical gloves, And take the waste out
We sneak the burners in clubs, And scope the place out
Crisp pair of red monks, Matchin my red dunks
Leave you body stinkin, Smellin foul like a dead skunk
I call my hoes sharp shooters the way they head hunt
Brain game, Stay off the chains, Somethin miraculous
I study calculus, Money long like the alphabet
Hurricane season I built me a house of bricks
I got a license with the option to kill
A few spots in a Ville, Everyday movin a box of them pills
I won't stop till I'm chillin on a yacht in Brazil
A nice mansion in Peru, On the top of the hills
We can reenact a live shootout from an ill movie
Where they burnt down a spot in New Jack, And they killed Pookey
Listenin to BIG's first album, Repeatin Juicy
Zonin out with a bone in my mouth, Lightin a dookey

[Chorus 4X]