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Artist: Trife Diesel
Album:  The Project Pope
Song:   Beefing for Nothing
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Trife Diesel]
Yeah, Faggot ass niggas
Trife Dez, You know who it is man
Word up, It's war nigga
Theodore, T.M.F, Criminal Grind
Fuckin with the big boys now homie
You hear me, Come on

[Chorus: Trife Diesel]
Uhh, Wash the words out your mouth when you speak to me cousin
Cause yall pussy, And a lot of yall will beef for nothin
Cause when them heat starts bustin yall doin the least frontin
What's the deal playboy, Why you beef for nothin
Can't understand, Thought you was my man, All of a sudden
You sabotagin my name, Stop beef for nothin
What you mad at the fact cause in the streets you aint bustin
Well I'ma finish what you started, Now we beefin for somethin

[Trife Diesel]
Ayo that's word to everything I love and own
I put that on my seed, My Pop's grey mustache, And on my Mother's bones
Niggas done started some shit, And I'm appalled
Cause a few months ago, You was just ridin my balls
Sayin how you wanna vibe and colab on a song
But silly me, I should have known you was mad all along
Cause yous a sanke from the gate, Yall niggas is spuing hate
While I was on tour eatin, Yall niggas was loosin weight
Plus I heard you was movin with Jake, (Faggot)
Snitchin on real gangstas from your hood, That was a foolish mistake
Yous a disgrace, A flunky, A hip hop monkey
Swingin from dicks with mad cum on your lips, Nigga you lunch meat
I'm a belligerent lyrists, Flows is unmatchable
Cryin like a bitch cause Trife aint do a track with you
Tryna take me out the comfort zone, But if you want the thrown
Take it in blood, If not, Leave me the fuck alone


[Trife Diesel]
Ayo you gotta be a bird for lettin that bitch play you
Now you in the mirror cleanin your wounds with witch hazel
I spit fatal, They morn Clark Gable
Trife Da God the first rapper to sign to Stark's label
And I'm back with a vengeance with a glorified entrance
Theodore-The Roosevelt's, We some certified henchmen
This is just another one of your ploys, Your getting desperate
Just a weak diss marketin sceme, To pump your record
And no, I don't respect it, You called me out on some next shit
Cause if you had a problem you should of came and addressed it
Cause real niggas do real things, You know the motto
That's why you ran and played that bullshit song for hollow
Knowin he was gonna send me the kite, You fuckin right
Now I gotta end your little career, And crush your mic
Cause if we clash heads, Better believe it's nothin nice
Either get to scrappin, Let's make it happen, I'm bustin pipes


[Outro: Trife Diesel]
Yeah, You know how we do it man
Veteran on this mic piece
Knowhatimsayin you talkin I aint wanna do a song with you and all of that man
Your song was fuckin wack G
You talk about how much weed you smoke and all that high spaced out shit
Nigga I don't even smoke weed nigga
Come right or don't come at all man
Straight up, Clash heads you see me face to face
I wanna hear all that, "Na it wasn't even like that son" and all that and all that
Na man, Keep my name out your fuckin mouth for real G
Word up, We write our own songs nigga
What the fuck you talkin bout
Real shit nigga, Been had hits nigga
Hits when you was runnin around rockin the mothafuckin Wu Wear hats and all that shit man
Stop frontin man, Aint even built like that
You can't sound up north nigga
What, Criminal grind nigga S.C.G
Straight up, Stapleton nigga
You know how we pump, Faggot
You had to go to court too nigga
Takin the back streets nigga, I never seen you on broad