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Artist: Trick Trick f/ Eminem
Album:  The Villain
Song:   Who Want It
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[Intro: Trick Trick]
Yeah! We back baby!
I told y'all I was comin back
Detroit! What?
Bitch, it's Trick Trick, what?
And motherfuckin Slim Shady (hahaha!)
I got it back y'all, let's go!
Get your motherfuckin hands up

[Trick Trick]
We been the killers with everything from chest wets to death threats
The best yet, and niggaz gettin they neck checked
Best check them protects
Detroit ain't only known for the best threats so bet, we got next
And hecks collect debt, and rest is Goon Sqwad
We wreck your whole set, we rep the Midwest
You reppin niggaz get wrong, speak on what's on ya songs
We sendin 'em home with stones thrown and broken bones
Better leave us the fuck alone, keep it runnin
You niggaz can't even stomach what the D got comin
We ain't into that frontin and poppin off at the chops boy
We poppin off SHOTS and guaranteein a spot, at the top
First place for niggaz get got
You think you fuckin with Trick and Eminem? Well no you NOT!
Motherfucker so next time you see us be sure that you make a hole
And when they mention the D you get down on all fours!

[Chorus 2X: Trick Trick]
Got big killers with big guns - who want it?
Come to my hood and get some - who want it?
You wanna start shit in the club boy - who want it?
Touched up - who want it? Fucked up - who want it?

Ooh wow, look at the bitches up in this club
Man I'm gettin me some digits 'fore I leave up out this mug
And it's like boom pow, wham bam thank you ma'am
I ain't kissin you on the lips but I'll be glad to shake your hand
Now let's get blew out, let's start some shit tonight
Just let me pick the chick that I'ma leave here with tonight 'fore we get to fightin 
and threw out, this music makes me rowdy
How they gonna play that new Trick Trick and expect no one to get their shit split?
It's just too wild, and one more shot of Hpnotiq
And I am not in control of my body, I go robotic
and blow a fuse out, homies is like "He's startin to stagger"
And I'm like naw that's just my swagger and I'm dancin with this fat girl
and gettin loose now, I don't wanna fight, I feel like partyin
'til this idiot dumps his Bacardi on my cardi' and 
knocks my screws out - it never fails
I know I'm goin to jail, I might as well take the laces out my shoes now


[Trick Trick]
I hear 'em screamin "Goddamn it, there go that Eminem and them"
It ain't no hittin him, they think that we just clicked up but he been with them
It's Trick and them Goon Sqwad gangstas, you can't get to him
We down for the bang and the brawl, but now we killin them
See ever since we started you mighta had to pardon our hardest
from the largest city, they sayin that we retarded
And charges been brought us owners has stopped, some of they artists got dropped
You think I'm playin then bring it, c'mon let's see what you got
We make the club go bang, you got that light noise
See ain't nobody fuckin with this nigga and this white boy
that been through the ringers and the pros, treated they best like hoes
We put the dogs on 'em and make 'em beat 'em outta they clothes
And we don't give a fuck about nothin you used to do
Yo' record is equivalent to "High School Musical"
No blamin Jimmy Iovine, Paul or Dre
Blame ME for everythang I say; cause I got 'em nigga


[Outro: Trick Trick]
No-damn-body (hell naw)
Fuck around and cut one of you niggaz heads off