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Artist: Trick Daddy
Album:  Thugs Are Us
Song:   I'm a Thug
Typed by:, OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Trick Daddy]
Funk, hit me up with some of that thug
Huh.. yup, just like dat, hit 'em in the chest with it
One time, one time again in the head
For Buddy Ro y'all, check it out

I don't know.. what this world's gonna bring
But I know one thing.. that this is the life for me
(Baby cause I'm a thug)
All day every day (baby cause I'm a thug)
Wouldn't change for the world (uh uh, cause I'm a thug)
That's right you heard (baby cause I'm a thug)
Ah hah, oh yeah (check it out)

[Trick Daddy]
Could it be my baggy jeans, or my gold teeth
That make me different from y'all
Ain't trippin dog, but listen dog
I was raised a little different than y'all
I'm just doing my thang, usin my ghetto slang
And I'm representin thug shit
Niggaz who I roll with
Watch them niggaz they're gon' love this
Niggaz who - out on bond, on the run
And got ten years on parole
Since you can't say it dog, I'ma say it for y'all
Motherfuck the po-po's (uh-huh)
Fuck the judge and C.O.'s, fuck the D.A. and P.O.'s
Fuck the family of the victim,
witness, and snitchin ass hoes - nigga


[Trick Daddy]
See I'm so tight, niggaz be like
That nigga got so many hoes
And I know he got clout, look at his mouth
That nigga got so many golds
Niggaz be tellin they hoes
There's some'n up with that nigga
Bitch I've been watchin you watchin him
You must wanna fuck this nigga
My name alone, been known to break up happy homes
(uh-huh) No disrespect dog
but you ain't have no business even answering her phone
("Hello? Who is this?") If your ass was home, then
Me and her couldn'ta been gettin it on (hold on)
And you couldn't have been hittin her right
Cause ever since that night she been hittin the phone
She want a thug


[Trick Daddy]
Since y'all niggaz wanna smoke the blunts, pump the guns
I'ma show you how to thug it dog (thug it dog)
Give me half a pill, and some Zephyrhill
and I'm like fuck it dog (fuck it dog)
Long as my ecstasy got the best of me (ec-stasy)
Then none of you niggaz ain't stressin me
I got one request in this bitch
And you can have the rest of this shit (bitch)
If a nigga drop some shit, it's wack as hell
and don't make no damn sense (uh-huh)
Take it back, talk about it, and tell yo' dog
"Don't even buy that shit!"
And I don't care who he is, or where he from
I represent thug shit
And you ain't gotta give me my props or nominate me
Cause dammit I love this

[Chorus] - repeat 2X