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Artist: Trick Daddy
Album:  Thug Matrimony: Married to the Streets
Song:   Ain't a Thug
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If I ain't a thug
You think I ain't a thug
Tell me what I am

Cause if I ain't a thug why do I feel this way
Why the streets stay on my mind
Since I am a thug why do you go get so mad
Why can't y'all accept that it's my life?

[Verse One]
If I ain't a thug y'all tell me who is
How many other muthafuckers y'all know can do this
Nigga Ima thug forever and I never ever disrespect the game
Or cross one of my niggaz  (listen)
Slipping already cost one of my niggaz
So I better select the fools that I be dealing with
And I don't know nothing, didn't hear or say nothing
I can't remember but yet I still won't forget 'em
I'm from the dark side, born and raised in thug life
And I'm out that city full of drug dealers and wise guys
If I ain't a thug then you explain it cuz
How come a young nigga living so dangerous?
And why my name always some how involved in stuff
??? y'all plan to target us
Yea I am thug nigga, but I ain't no drug dealer
Three time convicted felon so I outta know better


[Verse Two]
From day one I been thugging and I'm loving every minute of it
So all you critics and haters I'm saying muthafuck ya
I don't like ya and therefore I don't trust ya
You couldn't shut me up now you trying to set me up
Its bad enough we had it rough when we was growing up
You killed Pac and Biggie now trying to kill us
But I through my 4 up cus, I'm forever for sho a thug rebel for certain
That's how I'm living listen
I ain't the snitching kind of nigga, Yo and I'm a different kind of nigga
So you busta can't hit me 	
Ain't no sentimental nigga, I'm seating on spinners nigga
And when I'm dragging me denims don't you busta try to hit 'em
I'm from the part where stars like them heavy stars
Quality sound beating down each and every car
Giving them hell like I'm David Chappelle
Prostitute born male, with plenty dick for sell


[Verse Three]
Since I am a thug that's why you listen to me
Cause I am a T H U G official (ya see)
I lot of niggaz still doubt a nigga
So when they conversate they be playing hating bout a nigga
But I expect them to, what else they suppose do
They dead broke and I got more flow then they do
And they mad cus I don't fuck with them
Oh will stay mad cus I don't kiss niggaz ass
I'm too busy being a real nigga
So if you fuck wit me you can fuck around and kill nigga
The truth is Mr. Dollars is the real deal
Hell I'm the muthafucking Dade County mayor (yea)
And I'm strictly for the thugs
Cause Ima sho nuff  ??? Quick to straight fuck ya nigga what
Pussy nigga what, for my MUTHAFUCKING THUG!!!

[Chorus] - 2X