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Artist: Trey Songz
Album:  Trey Day
Song:   Last Time
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Trey Songz]
Songbook, baby
I'd like to thank Mr. Brian Michael Cox for
Helpin me illustrate my feeling
It's just getting too hot, baby
It's getting too hot...
This is the last time...
I mean for real
This has gotta be the last time
It's gon be the best, though
Just one last time

Cause if she catch me with you (she gon' kill us)
These hotel rooms is lookin too familiar
Your love is so, so serious
Girl you keep me comin ...back, back that is
I be with her thinkin of you
I be with you thinkin of her, my boo
She just don't deserve this
ain't nobody perfect
but I just can't take no more cuz

I'm livin two different lives
one girl in the day, you at night
And even though this ain't right
I just can't get enough of the way you put it down
You really got me trippin
hold up baby girl don't talk, just listen
Let's just make love
girl for the last time
Yup, I said the last time
Girl this is the last time
all caught up
And it's time to put it down
You really got me trippin'
hold up baby girl just listen
this is the last time

[Trey Songz]
See the problem is I'm too deep involved
to be playin with your emotions
You really got me open
Oh, I gotta figure it out
Can't let no pussy come before my baby, not my baby, no
Cause she's the only one to ease my mind
But girl you just so fine (oh!)
Give it to me one last time
Baby let your hair down
Take it to the bed, now
Spread them lovely legs now
One last round


[Trey Songz]
Let me see you take off your clothes (for the last time)
Let's keep this thang on the low (for the last time)
Tell me how you wanna get it
I know your favorite is the kitchen
From the way I used to kiss it
Girl I know you're gonna miss it
but there's only one condition
baby please don't fight
Don't be trippin, keep it pimpin
Baby girl let's just make love
(The last time) {*3X*}
I'm livin two different lives...

[Chorus] - 2X