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Artist: Trek Life
Album:  Wouldn't Change Nothing
Song:   Wow
Typed by: @TrekLife @MelloMusicGroup

I fell up in the spot like a tycoon
Fresh paid fresh fade fresh tennis shoes
Me and my crew shine bright like it's high noon
I'm Trek Life damn babygirl how are you?
Your body is bangin
You make a nigga wanna make indecent arrangements
We straight to the bar maker's mark on the rocks
And whatever she want
Now babygirl let me start from the top its like
You fly than a mugg
Sideliners cock blockin but hold up I got this one
Pretty face thin waste with the style you can't replace
The hour-glass straight poppin trust it's like
Drink 1 I'm like I don't dance
Drink 2 I'm at the bar in a b-boy stance
Drink 3 she got me out there by both hands
And the DJ playin the jam
We partyin' like

Look at that
Nah homie look at that
She turned around dropped down then she pushed it back
Real close so I had to give that a smack
She turned around looked back now she lookin mad
“You just gone touch me like that?”
“Hands to yourself homeboy just dance”
Sorry love I got carried away
But the wayt that you move
Really we can get married today hold up
I know I've been drinkin too much to be talkin like that matter fact I'll be right back
Seen A-live with the strobe light hoe
He need help with the gotta go, gotta go
Damn she gross
I head across the bar just to help my folks
But then DP play the heat I know
So I grab one close
And we partyin out on the floor it's like