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Artist: Trek Life f/ Audio Live, Oddisee, Ralph Real
Album:  Wouldn't Change Nothing
Song:   Might Sound Crazy
Typed by: @Oddisee @TrekLife @MelloMusicGroup

Audio Live - Verse 1
Some people might think putting all this work in this game
Without an adequate financial exchange
Is simply insane
Or really not using your brain
But them niggas are working on a lower plane
They must've never caught the bug
They aint feeling the love and can't feel it coursing they blood
But that's what separates me and you
Cuz you a part time spitter I'm the nigga that's gone see it through
Believe it dude this is how I live my life
If niggas is going left, believe I'm going right
I see the light through the lens of my own glasses
Nature guides my way fuck the direction of the masses
Hip-hop's not divided in classes
Even you get your ass kicked or you kick asses
But this is my personal philosophy
On my journey towards a lyrical monopoly

(Chorus  Ralph Real)
And I know this might sound crazy, to you (repeat x 4)

Oddisee  Verse 2
I don't have no friends outside of music
In my own world don't require outside amusement
It's a distraction
Really not for him see
So I be rappin where my accent be foreign
Not for the chattin so my actions speak more than me
Niggas say what's happenin and I prolly' great em' cordially
High and bye in the same sentence
I keep a wall up blame fences
Built by the extremities in life high and dry from young
Time flies nigga used to write rhymes for fun
Add a "D-S" to the end of that last word
Same intention
I'm in the game for mention
Amongst the greatest who ever did it
Whoever spit it
A long shot but I'm crazy enough
Or is it wisdom?
I'm on my way you can tell it cuz niggas pray I'm missin
Opportunities that they was skippin'


Trek Life - Verse 3
God's Gangstas good and bad women
Nigga tryin to take these ones and stack millions
In a better environment chillin
My mind on my plan to expand and own buildings
So I kick the make my daughter smile style
Cuz that's all that I need to proceed and succeed
I remember being told she'd forget me when I'm gone
But as soon as I get home she hit daddy with the smile
And its all worth the while
I heard that my career is self serving
When myself serve a better living not a word in
I'm bustin' with a purpose
To let her know if I can win from rockin shows then anything is possible
I never think of rockin shows for lots of weed and lots a hoes
Fuck if you believe or not, I'ma proceed to rock
So baby girl when I'm gone you can trust
Everything that I do is for you
Plus I do it for us