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Artist: Trek Life
Album:  Wouldn't Change Nothing
Song:   I'd Rather Be
Typed by: @TrekLife @MelloMusicGroup

I sit with her and think of you daily
Thinking bout the why's and I'm pondering the maybe's
Thinking how your style and you conversation changed me
Much for he better I could love you forever
What a rush, I would fiend for you touch it was crazy
Look into you eyes I can see why God made me
Her look ain't the same and she be hella angry
Maybe I'm to blame but it seem like she hate me
Hazy visions of us growing more distant
Will it fade? I don't know
All I know is I miss it
I regret I don't get more of your kisses
Makin love with the sweat pouring and it's drippin
She prolly should listen 'fore she start trippin
To the riddle in the rhyme that your boy spittin
Cuz y'all one in the same
One old one new
And I don't understand the change what I do know
Is that I'd rather be with you


I felt complete back when you were around
Chillin at the beach I'd wink and you would smile
She, she got a scowl
For me she got a frown
I try to handle biz she think I'm on the prowl
I'm tryin to figure how we slipper and fell down
She say that I'm to blame and claim that I was fowl
And you were so sweet to me, it was wild
She like to say things to beat and bring me down
And she don't like rap life and goin out
But when I'm on tour she be out on the town
She never have fun with me, no denial
You used to love me my queen that was your crown
And it's a trip y'all one in the same
But you? You was better girl simple and plain
And it ain't hard to say these thang cuz all I'm sayin is the truth
Cuz on the real I'd rather be with you


I don't want you to leave
I don't want her to stay
So now hoping y'all can stand there and go away
And that don't make no sense so I just roll a jay
And wonder which one a y'all is gone show today
It seems bipolar
So I told here if she see you in the mirror girl I got a message for ya
I want you back in my life so when you ready fall through
I'm just sayin
I'd rather be with you