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Artist: Trek Life
Album:  Wouldn't Change Nothing
Song:   Everything Changed Nothing
Typed by: @TrekLife @MelloMusicGroup

He woke up in the morning to a beach view
Grabbed the paper hit the balcony to read the news
Crime stories took him to a place he once knew
He laid back closed his eyes and he reviewed
Daddy wasn't there mother used to never care
She had him too young so the streets she used to run
and he would soon do the same Pre-teens in a gang
and he slang so him and sis would have food
But life could be better somehow he thought to himself
slowed down on the streets and focused on school
Graduated at the top of his class
Got the Academic Scholly went to college and passed
and got the bangin ass job after
but the hustler in 'em
Had to shine he started his own business
Now he globally expandin' finta pass it to his son and
the pursuit of of everything can change whom the world thought was...


She wrote the last love letter she would write to him
Caught a cab and she never said goodbye to him
LAX caught a flight for the better she was
gone forever cuz she felt it wasn't right to him
He gave her everything
Love hope better things
Nice home, wedding ring
Places she had never seen
She cared about him but in love she could never be
Nights alone wasn't worth what the cheddar brings
Daddy issues, past me misused
she wit him for the safety of it all but the truth is
he really aint the one for her
and she want more
than a life with this man feelin unsure
The city lights grew distant as the plain climbed
he read the letter heart broken at the same time
her eyed started to leak
cuz this man tried to give her everything that she wanted
but that couldn't change


I can't forget the first smile that you ever gave me
the first moment that the nurse handed me my baby
I couldn't find the right words cuz you were so amazing
you are the key to my escape from a life crazy
my life's dedicated, to a better yours
your safety and your happiness is what I live for
and i'll die for you all I ever wanted
Sarai, you're my everything
and changed a life worth