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Artist: Trek Life
Album:  Wouldn't Change Nothing
Song:   Due West (Has-Lo Remix)
Typed by: @TrekLife @MelloMusicGroup

They came from Texarcana
Shreeport, Louisiana
Olkmulgy, Oklahoma
The Midwest had ways like the south
So they bounced leaving behind the black and white water fountains
And segregation some were born on reservations
Native American blood flowing through they veins and
Rumor has it many settled in Nevada
Pickin cotton as sharecroppers while others didn't stop
They crossed the border to a small desert place called Allensworth
A thriving black city, one if America 's first
To have a black mayor, black sheriff, black banker
No matter how far they ran couldn't escape danger
Them white folk put arsenic in the water killed many
But freedom energized us plenty
We made home in Barstow and Arvin
But San Bernandino to Watts is where it all got started
Parties off Central
Red Fox at the Tiki Room
Jam sessions @ the places where musicians moved
Live shows at the Lincoln Theatre
We was all in together can't imagine nothin' greater
Brothas got city jobs comin home from the service
The panthers in the bay made the whole world nervous
Them white folks moved to the valley
We occupied SouthCentral & Compton
Mid City we stomping
Skip ahead to the blue & red streets got violent
Product of the dope game after Watt riots
Hollywood made stars
The black economy shifted
Those that had vs those that didn't
Long gone were the days they used to pose at Cliftons
Black people exposed as niggas
The nature of the Golden State where the sun shine
And fame is a bigger trap than the one time
I'm from the city too diverse to gentrify and Hollywood dreams have eaten many alive
That's from the 626 to the 909
310 to the 805
We all one CA all day I bless
The children of a better life conquest
When they headed Due West