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Artist: Trek Life
Album:  Hometown Foreigner
Song:   Intro
Typed by: @TrekLife/Mello Music Group

How many rhymes I gotta write for ya'll?
Spit fire & re-enlighten ya'll
Drop a brand new album & re-ignite the raw
Me & Tommy back on the road not even slightly flawed
It's super Cali time
Without the fradalistic
Fraudulent shit
Years later niggas is actin different
I guess the fame'll have a rapper trippin
My brother told me
Never ever react to bitches
And so I can not will not wont do what they do
Check the stats homie my legend is not a fable
While you publicist made you and soon you'll be played dude
Plus you lightweight drink your crew under the table
But yo, I wrote this rhyme in the cov all day
Bumpin Blakface Hawdwerk Jansport j
Delta 9, Sean Wyze
Poetic Force, propaganda
NHI we on the rise
Kept my eye on the prize required the steady grind
Told my people we would make it one fan at a time
That was the mission
Behind the spitting
And now I'm trippin'
Watching it all take place and come into fruition
And yo I hate a wack jam
The same way that Oprah Winfrey hate the inner city black man
That's a real lot
Its like I want em killed off
Whatever though, kick a flow, rock the show get the dough peel off
Its like a classic caper of some sort
We stack the paper just for comfort
But that ain't all that we come for
With Duke Westlake on the beat sign the check real quick
The government be ya boy from the 6
Im Trek Life at your service to rip