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Artist: Tracey Lee f/ Busta Rhymes, Pirate of the Reepz
Album:  The Theme 12"
Song:   The Theme (The After Party Remix)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

It ain't over (ha) it ain't over, the party's not over
C'mon.. hah huh, what
Huh, party ain't over, what, hah
Bystorm.. RNF no doubt, RNF no doubt
Flipmode.. Tray Lee..

[Tracey Lee]
Some theme music, after party; startin from the hotel lobby
Lift from the fifth is how the squad be
Toss pullin chicks and shit discretely (ha)
In teams of six, I'ma hit at least three
Completely dipped in the fly shit
This happens when you fuck with a winner (Bystorm)
An RNF member; contenders wanna advance
but chances is slimmer than dinner
A key figure, Tray Lee the Hennesey swigger
but scheme to get the cream quicker
Why niggaz wanna come with it
all knowin the flow stay acidic; it's bugged
Let's get down, debut number one with a slug
Keepin the hip-hop theme drugged
If you like it hot say what? (What?)
People throw your Mo' up in the air and show love

[Chorus: Tracey Lee]
Let's get up, let's get down
People get lifted now - Reepz and Busta
With Tray Lee don't quit now
You know we get dowwwwn, c'mon
Let's get up, let's get down
People get lifted now - Reepz and Busta
With Tray Lee ahh shit now
You know we get dowwwwn, whoaaaa

[Pirates of the Reepz]
Uh-huh, you know Pi wanna tap that ass
Uh-huh, can you feel me smackin that ass
Uh-huh, lipstick press left on the wine glass
Tree scented when you by-pass
Standard procedure's the third leg stance
in downward position like permanent creases
The Reepz get deeper down and explode
Flip like acrobats and Flipmode
Seven-six-three (huh) RNF go (huh)
Busta (what the deal dunn) Mr. Tray Lee (what?)
Show these MC's how it's supposed to be
Supposedly, they don't know the meaning of we

[Tracey Lee]
Now it's been many wack MC's after me, wanna die?
Tray and Pi got a crew to leave your team paralyzed
Whoa - same show, that shit is mo' betta
We gettin mo' chedda plus the script is mo' clever
If sis wanna get it in the club nigga let her
Spread her like an STD, most def we be
deadly remain treed in the same PV
with Nash and the Flipmode entourage, c'mon


It's party time.. whoa, it's party time
Havin a parrrrty..

[Busta Rhymes]
Yo, whylin for the night 'til everybody passed out
Just clap yo' hands get up on the dancefloor baby and spread yo' ass out
Let me all between the creases
Masterpieces, bang new releases
Big up my sons nephews and my nieces
Busta Rhymes comin in and bustin yo' ass
like my nigga Antonio Banderas
I'm bout to jet-propel it, bomb-shell it
Shit on the world and make you all smell it
Now what da fuck is goin on here?
Jump back, wiggle and break and watch the ass shake
Academy fill up the whole capacity
Who has the audacity?  Suffer severe blows
of lyrical assault and battery, go 'head TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES
Shit be hot to death, hold your breath (hoo)
Flipmode niggaz and RNF
Makin you wave your hands from right to left
Busta Rhymes and Tracey Lee
be like Jim Kelly and Bruce Lee - nigga you wanna fight?
All those who wanna front and deny my nigga
Pi about to open yo' eye and make yo' body fry
Bystorm I'm sayin FUCK LUKEWARM!
We keep it hot, Tray Lee and Bust' creamin on the same song!


[Pirates of the Reepz]
Yeah, Tray Lee you don't stop
Big Nash you don't stop
Ha, Flipmode you don't stop
Ha, RNF you don't stop
Ha, Tray Lee you don't stop
Ha, (?) you don't stop
Ha, D-Dot you don't stop
Ha, Mark Pitts you don't stop
Universal, you don't stop
Keep it goin now, you don't stop
C'mon, yeah, you don't stop {*fades*}