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Artist: Tracey Lee, The Madd Rapper, Black Rob, Kurupt and Buckshot
Album:  Evolution 3000 12"/DJ Scratch Presents...Scratch Attack Vol. 1
Song:   Evolution 3000 (Main Version)
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[The Madd Rapper Intro]
Roll another blunt man, Cuz shit I gotta get high
Thatís the key to my shit, I get high
Ya mean

[Tracey Lee Intro]
Yo I don't know what they thought, I don't know what the fuck they thought
I don't know who told them this shit was over
It's never over man
This Tray Lee muthafucka
I represent Philly, I brings the heat, 3000 shit
For my dogs who grow hard in Bogard
That be in the muthafuckin' streets

[The Madd Rapper]
If you wasn't on my dick from day one, then screw ya'll
My rhymes are lyrically designed to blow through ya'll
Chest piece, Through your Lex piece, I knew ya'll
Fold when the full court pressure step to ya'll, do ya'll
Do what I gotta do to get a dollar, I ride on the train snatch
A chain off your collar, Ask wife, for 600 I can borrow
Cause * Someone's Name * gonna throw me out tommorow
Yep I'm still broke, I still choke
And even though I ain't puttin' in no doe, I still smoke
Still tote, Spittin' out these bars I wrote
I'm not tryin' to get ? ? ?, Wit gats in the bizack
Bags of the Crizack, Dimes and Nicks
On the streets bitin' leather, Keep 'em high till six
Got pies to flip, and wise guys to clip
And in a minute or ??sixenit??, you might see me flip

[Tracey Lee]
A-yo, The Tray Lee, Is you thirsty
Let's guzzle these mc's, Put the muzzle on dem niggaz mouths
And breeze, They all talk to much shit
Walk the walk like dicks, Fuck strictly Bum chicks
That's why I no them niggaz crabbed out
Inchin' En on all these niggaz assed out
And when we get 'em, We let the rhythym hit 'em
Black oozy slipt 'em, Kinda fucked up how we did 'em
Big dog bit 'em, If would have been on P he would have seen it comin'
Instead he had his eyes on me, and I'm gunnin'
For all niggaz who bite the bullet, If you bite the first one you might
Bite the worst one, It'll hurt some
Straightened Aim, this nigga straight frontin'
BK brawlin' in the street nigga who want it
What, We storm through blocks wit kicks, Violate 'em
We stomp niggaz and then we stomp jakes (cops)

[Black Rob]
What the fuck is the haps, Here we go again, Bussin' caps
Get down, for sweet thugs, and my niggaz who push crack
Who be in the back, Loadin' they macks, Hit the surface
It's on now, when I attack it's with a purpose
My soldiers, Trained by dreams, the street seems
My niggaz that know, how to be handlin' these fiends
Come in between, me and this green, I doubt that
Sixteen through your jeans, now fagat how about that
Ya'll ain't ready for war, Ya'll just playin' a part
I rip apart with guns that be state if the art
Play it smart, and you'll get a bitch, like 99
I never hide, If you cowards can't find me fine
I been rolin' with these punishers since niggaz been schemin'
On free lunches, Now I push up and do crunches
Won't stop squeezin' this trigger, Till ya'll arrest
Damn right, you fuckin' wit black, It's more or less

[Tracey Lee]
I crack jaws, lyricly slap ya'll, in figure fours
The over Lord, I'm nice, Name your price
Wit mics, Break niggaz like dice, Tray da Great One
One of these half-ass niggaz, son this ain't one
But, How they gon act, My style they study it
MC's be like Shaq and 'em, Still not ready yet
Many have tried, But fuckin' wit Tray
It all can cause niggaz decay
Spit it for them street niggaz, Dice rollin' dogs
Who mix liquor
Niggaz who feel no pain, This rap shit
Tray got covered like rogaine, Can't wait to get one of ya'll on stage
That's my domain
Went from no name, to Cats knowing my whole name
Controllin' the whole game
The whole aim, Spittin' shit ill, It's like cocaine
R and F, Better run for cover, Cuz you dealin' with a real
Killadelph Muthafucka like that

? ? ? ? ? MC's, No the time like Seiko
Spittin' dialect, dirtier, than a freak ho
I Buck, role wit my nigga Lito
And we snatch goods like the repo
Clips in my skully, 44s in the Peko
Pull it out, make you deep throat, Then we let the heat go
So what, never in your life try to play me
Play my seven six niggaz, Or play Tray Lee
My ice-real monsters, Intimidate ya'll
Niggaz ain't playaz so I guess I'll just hate ya'll
Better recognize my clique, and where my name is
Got your wife, on my dick like my chain is
Take her to the Tele, Then I, Fuck her brainless
Cats say that, They can talk to the stainless
Spit the razor, Leave a smile where your beard at
Viva  R, and F, Ya'll niggaz better fear that

Hoes eat dicks and that's all they do
I'm jus a gangsta ass nigga in grey and blue
When the flow bounces, Nigga we blaze ounces
Whoa nigga, 
My woman makes more money than most of ya'll niggaz
High post, high class, high to the sky
Kurupt and Daz
Two hits and pass, Two steps and blast
Is that right, on the Rooftop at night
Wit a scole, Bout to blast everything in sight
Fuck whatcha Thought, Fuck whatcha like
Despite whatcha thought, And whatcha thinkin' like
Show me whatcha got and I'ma take the shit
I'ma shoot a muthafucka and I'ma slap a bitch
You must have lost your Mutherfuckin' mind
Sucker punched a nigga in his muthafuckin' ? ? ?,
Dip made the dash for the muthafuckin' doe
Fuck everything I see and everything I saw
Guzzlin' gallons of Henesy on the rocks
In the clubs wit my dogs, Thugs, 38 slugs, Persian Rugs
Pistols launch off like missles
Sherms, curls and perms, Bitches ain't shit, Fuck them hoes and tricks
I take the money out of her hand and backslap the bitch
And some of these niggaz is bitches too
And the same motherfuckin' thing will happen to you
But Bitch nigga, Whatchu thought this was a mutherfuckin' game
You must not have heard about my motherfuckin' name
Kurupt(echoed), Young Gotti(Echoed)
DPG Fuckin' up the party

[Tracey Lee Outro]
Yeah In 9-9 That's how we get down
Dead ass this time around
Tray Lee, Fever, Black Rob, Kurupt, What the fuck
You ain't shit, Your crew ain't shit
R&F to def, Philly in here, You know how it is