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Artist: Trae f/ Wiz Khalifa
Album:  Street King
Song:   Gettin' Paid
Typed by: Lil Hustle
Uh ha-ha, we blowing money bitch
Hey hey hey-hey-hey-hey-hey - 4x
I know I'm-I know I'm getting paid - 2x
We don't even count the money no mo', we just blow it
(Ha, we spend it all up)
We don't even count the money no mo', we just throw it
(Ha, and make em pick it all up)
Money strapped to my waist, somewhere in the whip I'm in with no bass
Flooded the trap I need a new place, money gotta go I'm talking there's no space
Never love hoes hoes I don't chase, only wear locs the same as my race
All I know is stunt make a hater feel like shit, to the point that he feeling out of place
Real talk I-I-I ain't the one, but I lean on haters
Looking so clean on gator, try to jack me garuntee I'll put a beam on haters
Hood nigga when it come to this I'm stocked up, shit on my wrist trying to light this block up
Niggaz say I got a dope man swag, take a look at these jewels everyone of em rocked up
And we still on the corner packed in, H-Town president some back then
Hope this slut that I rent got insurance on her, she know I'm bout to run up in her back end
Like a set of back tires she was getting plugged, we can take it to the streets take it to the club
I don't rubberband shit I got trash bags, other niggaz make it rain I'ma make it flood 
When I ain't talking shit I'ma talk bread, if a hater don't like it tell him to drop dead
I'm in the hood like a fresh set of projects, where they either rock blue or they rock red
I'm the king of the streets, ain't nobody finna take away what I came to get
Audi R-8 that I came to sit, with interior the color of a all white brick
[Hook - 2x] 
[Wiz Khalifa] 
Big weed in my joint, diss me there's no point
Lil' guy but still all my niggaz got big heat, they on point 
Rolling up while I drive, engine be in the trunk
Decided 2005, that I could fuck any bitch that I want 
Ooh and-and-and I ain't even trying to stunt
This a two seater, my bitch can't help but ride up in the front
Balling, most niggaz won't try to pick em up
Throwing so much money, you even try and pick some up 
You trying different stuff, look at how I block em out
Smoke like a Cali nigga, even when I'm in the south
And when-when my car come out, the whores come out
Don't even get on Twitter no more, cause I'm what your bitch talking bout ha
[Hook - 2x] 
Hey hey hey-hey-hey-hey-hey - 4x
I know I'm-I know I'm getting paid - 4x