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Artist: Trae Tha Truth f/ Big K.R.I.T., B.o.B, Bun B, Gudda Gudda, 
        Jadakiss, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Mark Morrison, Tyga 
Album:  I'm On 2.0 single
Song:   I'm On 2.0
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[Intro: Mark Morrison]
Return of the Mack 
Return of the Mack
Return of the Mack 
You know that I'll be back (oww!)
Return of the Mack (once again) 
Return of the Mack (Pump up the world)
Return of the Mack (Watch - my - flow) 
You know that I'll be back 

[Big K.R.I.T.]
Today is the day, I get out on my feet
Remove them chains, that's shackled on me
Press my luck, stop fuckin with them hoes that cluck
Cause the same motherfuckers the one that got me stuck
Tryna use me up, 'til my tank on E
Then leave me stranded, scramblin in these streets
For a dollar a day, until my pockets is straight
Soon as you move out the hood them niggaz holla ya fake
Make 'em swallow the bass, from the kicker
I'd rather be a dead man than a +N.I.G.G.E.R.+
I'd rather roll chrome rims than a swisha
I gotta make moves, I cain't hang witcha
They used to be the fly shit back in '95
But now I want a crib and a car I can drive
And ain't nobody out there help me cause I'm grown
Gotta leave them childish games alone
Nigga I'm on

[Trae Tha Truth]
Chea! I'm in the hood, still prayin for a piece of plate
I know he on his way, I'm hopin he don't make it late
I'm up the bat, I just hope I make it to the plate
I'm Babe Truth, you can tell 'em I'm one of the greats
Used to shoot for the stars now my aim locked
I'm Tha Truth nigga something that your name not
A thousand watts ain't a thing that I cain't shock
And ain't a wrist or a chain that I cain't rock
Tell 'em I'm on, somethin like city lights
I used to be out they sights, tinted like city nights
Now a nigga be city to city on plenty flights
You can tell 'em I put on for my city in plenty fights
Tell 'em I ain't gon' lose, they heated like I'm a tan man
'Bout to throw ‘em in this drop with no ceilings so I can fan 'em
Pull up on the mic (ah-HAAAAAH!), same color as the Phantom 
And jump out on haters just to tell 'em I couldn't stand 'em

Yeah, yeah
I'm on top of my game yo 
The OG Grand Daddy Kush, cocaine flow
I'm about that +Cash+, not that +Tango+
Head shots, dump a whole clip in ya Kangol (yep)
Claim to be a real nigga, we know you ain't though (naw)
I be in the hood, all the places you cain't go (haha)
Visuals, you can see the pictures I paint yo
Residuals, I just put it all in the bank yo, it's pitiful
Hoes only after your bankroll
Stay off the phone, watch out for the plain clothes (Narcs')
Yeah I rep my set, I ain't in the gang though (D-Block)
And I protect my neck, I carry the thing yo (yep)
I'm on the same shit that the boss is on
Do it for those in the feds, up north or gone (Wood)
I'm on a winning streak, I done got my losses on
It's ironic cause even when I'm off I'm on
Yeah, I'm on, uh, what!

[Chorus: Mark Morrison]
I'm on, I'm on
I'm on, I'm on
I'm on, I'm on
I'm on, ooh yeah-hey-ee
I'm on

[J. Cole]
I'm 'bout to cop the Porsche
Eternally grateful for the support, made the cover of The Source
Flashback to the Ports, the city of no remorse
Where they shootin back and forth like they playin H.O.R.S.E.
May the force, be with you, bullet hit you
You bleed then I bleed with you
Mama please when you grieve damn I grieve with you
This a preview I see you in the summer
My new shit dumber, I'm on

[Kendrick Lamar]
Life at the bottom is devastating
You're hardly ever debated, the party is obligated
by suckers that wanna be you and never live in the matrix
And never ever related to struggle and dedication
Your hustle is nominated, anonymous then you faded
The promises that a victory lap is surely awaited
They vomited everytime that a rapper's annihilated
Just wish them happy belated - Fuck you~! I made it, I'm on

Tokyo to Amsterdam, Denver to LA (yea)
Minutes turn to hours and hours to pay (yea)
The days turn to nights but the nights never change
It's funny how "time is money" used to be a turn of phrase
But now it's company policy, I'm no spokesperson (No doe)
No tricks, no gimmicks, no coercion (Hol' up)
And they say, "Bob, man it's good to have you back" (what?!)
But I say, "I have been here, where the fuck have y'all been at?"

HAH! Thinkin how Pac lived at 22 that's '93
I was four, now I'm 22 on tour
One-two shots of my life, barely hold on
But I'm drawn to this feeling of adrenaline
When mic's on, lights on, and they gon' applaud
Young nigga, Versace they never seen before
And they gon' watch me, wanna copy shit I got on
I'm too fly, I ain't got a flaw
Tell the law we above the law
God bless, amen, every lost soul 
and the group so good went solo
Globetrottin, now I'm blowin up like an afro
Nigga thought you knew what I do
Rollin through ya area, Double R coupe
Penthouse level, now we only party on the roof
Bitch I'm a rebel so I move how I wanna move
Last King, YMCMB {*BOOM!*}

[Gudda Gudda]
Used to run around the hood pickin honeys up
Now I'm doin shows 'round the world pickin money up
Used to be slept-on like a pillow
Went from trappin in a rental to rappin on instrumentals
Now it's money on my mental and women get sentimental, huh
It's cause the flow is sweet as a pack of Skittles, nah?
Yellow, gold, yellow diamonds in the middle now
Stand up nigga, I was never known to settle down

[Bun B]
Well as the world spins around and around on its axis
Boys flip from town to town with the package
Stuffin bills and pounds of browns in a mattress
Sendin clowns underground for practice
The fact is everybody wanna be the king with the crown (crown)
But never in the battle when the drama goes down (down)
Easy to be the boss from behind the wall
But we gon' see who really down when it's time to brawl (c'mon)
Cause you gotta be careful about the image you portraying (huh)
You gotta show love to where you from all day
And when the goin gets rough, don't get to goin, get to stayin
Put it down for yo' people with no delayin, know I'm sayin?

[Outro: Mark Morrison]
I'm on...
I'm on... ooh yeah-hey-ee
I'm on