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Artist: Trademarc
Album:  Inferiority Complex (Chapter One)
Song:   Truth Serum
Typed by: Hatt's Crib

[Intro: Ayn Rand]
Ladies and gentlemen
I shall begin by doing a very unpopular thing
that does not fit today's intellectual fashions
and is, therefore, anti-consensus
I shall begin by defining my terms
so that you will know what I'm talking about

[Verse 1]
Since truth is a burden we don't carry well
Hope's parallel but you never tell
And seldom ring out, mostly what we do is just bring out
Negative vibes and tentative highs
Instead of a lie we got omission of truth
Aloof leaders and believers not in the loop
Instead of peace they motivate troops
Increase police presence in tenements, blocks, and streets
What's the relevance? Social economic elements
Reflected temperaments to out of court settlements
No resemblance is left to the human condition as a rendition of hypocrisy
Decadence and bad decisions, a mockery of sad religion
Too much hate often dictates when what's innate
What's at stake takes the grace and the eyes out the face
of blind faith and that just proves fate

*Some lady singing*

[Verse 2]
I'mma scream revolution, solution is probably evolution
Pollution is disillusion and ? fall from grace
Poker-faced in case the elements of evidence have got you running a race
But it's a waste, you running in place and my objective is perspective
See the way you look at life is intersected
In effect it's how you gonna see wrong and right
Soul weary, nearly, I really got a poet's eye
Clearly I could show you I really got an open eye
To the street and the struggle, the hustle the double
When your family needs something to eat
And mom and dad on the street
OZs, coke, pills, and heroin
And I don't mean the female sense of the word
I mean the shit they gonna buy on the curb, their baby's cries unheard
I refer to their baby at home, all alone in the warzone, parents stoned


[Verse 3]
The tides of the world have changed but the depth's the same
Correct me if I'm mistaken, we hasten in vain
Replacing the flame with flamboyance
Relating what's vain to clairvoyance
It's not buoyant, sink to the bottom
Most labels and artists have got em
And caught em and knot em, killing their green
Just like Autumn, you know what I mean
It's like the devil taught em, smoke screen the whole scene
The dream is a nightmare now, I seen the light glare down
Surround my team like God taking a fiend's soul home from a crime scene
Riddled with holes, alone like he gonna atone
On his own growing out his shoes, brain like ? is true
Too many die early, plenty cry surely, but what can we do?
It's too late, we choose fate over blind faith