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Artist: Trademarc
Album:  Inferiority Complex (Chapter One)
Song:   Karma
Typed by: Hatt's Crib

[Verse 1]
And what philosophy has led me to believe is wrong
That everybody in the world can see the strong
Will inherit the earth first force-fed and led through
Ahead of the worst ideas are usually the most diverse
Don't pretend all my views are skewed cause your intelligence
And actions are seldom imbued and viewed offhand
But understand they're often abused
I gotta pitch my ideas underhand, my news is common sensical
That's why it sounds like the blues
It's sensible essential but I'm hardly enthused
And my potential ain't a promise that my position improves
Or even moves, man it simply alludes
To the fact that fate will fall between the cracks
And moves more like a snake in the grass
First class, a faceless mask, don't tell, don't ask
Is your call to fame, that's how I ball the game
Life is parallel to Hell but I must maintain
I blame myself, I'm hypocritical but trustworthy
Simple idea in theory, just wordy
Self-admittedly I'm not worthy if you heard me early in my life
You would swear I was like godly
Not flesh and body, fucking everybody over in my life
Right like it's my hobby, yeah then I moved on and I'm confessing
I'm probably worse off than those that I'm addressing
And never sorry, so what's the lesson?
If you want me just know I'mma stay that way till karma lays it on me

[Verse 2]
I found my inner-spirit lost, religionless
Some fictional test left to guess what decision is best
I'm on some b-boy telepathy that sounds more like good discrepancy
Prone to mistaking the latest known fad as if it ever would've had a grip on less of me
I'm more concerned with poetics, the prophets, and Dianetics
Hollywood Squares and aesthetics indebted to tabloids celebrity worship and anesthetics
Numb to the world for what it is
Fans in my fam move on like blue dawn
(Yeah you right) up through the perils of night
Headstrong so you too far gone to understand rough seas all along while you suffer the storm
And loyalties are like lines of credits, man hard to find and once blind even harder to bind
So I don't let it reach the point where it fuck with the grind
I got a bitter and cold heart, consider the source
I find that an honoured man par for course
And you can lead a horse to water by force but he'll never drink
The ignorant to resource but he'll never think
I'm on the brink of a breakthrough then brace you with presence of mind like the penance you find
In Jesus, through misuse you tend to be blind
And use the line "I'm finding myself" as an excuse
We a shallow and horrid race, anonymous the shadow of all mistakes synonymous with ominous states of false grace
To honour the fates of all lies in our lives disguised but all face