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Artist: Tory Lanez
Album:  Chixtape 5 (Mixtape)
Song:   Skit - Tory Lanez and Nyce
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

-Yo, what up?
-What's poppin'?
-Yo, you still with Mia
-Nah, it's crazy, she just left out the car and shit.
-You hit?
-Nigga, of course I hit, nigga. Come on man, it's me.

-Nigga stupid, bruh {laughs}. Yo, all jokes aside.
What the fuck did I call this nigga for again?
Oh yeah, You sure Mia and Jalissa ain't friends?

-Oh for sure, they don't even fuck with each other like that.
She was in the car talking about it and shit.

-Yeah alright, but yo, look.
There was some dudes up at the barbershop the other day.
Smoking blunts, drinking liquor, shooting dice, talking shit-

-Alright, my nigga I get it! What you tryna tell me, bro?

-Yo my mans was telling me, son.
Jalissa, she upping some shit.
And the first thing she gon' try to do is-

-Nyce, get off this damn phone!
I told you I had to use the phone and you up here bumping your gums.
Hang up this phone!

-Ayo, man. You know Moms wylin' and shit
Man, you know what I'm saying? It's all good, man. I'ma holler at you later.

-Alright, my nigga.