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Artist: Tory Lanez
Album:  Chixtape 5 (Mixtape)
Song:   Leah's Introduction (Skit)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

-Boy, where are you taking me?
-Alright, I'ma hit this little spot right here, pull up to him
-Little spot, huh?
-See the view?
-Okay, I see you!
-Shit fly, right?
-Yeah, it's fire!
-You think you're so cute!
-So what's up, though?
-What's up?
-I know you ain't come in this car just to sit and talk to me.
-I mean, I didn't, but... What you wanna do?
-I'm tryna take you to the back

-To the back? Listen, I fuck with you, I really do
but I just-I know what you're 'bout
Jalissa, I know you're fucking with her.

-Listen, you're the only person on my mind now
Trust me I'm not even on that type of time
The only person I'm really thinking about
that I'm really on right now, you feel me?
These just ain't words I'm speaking, you feel me?

-You sure you wanna do this?

-Yeah. So let's go.