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Artist: Too $hort
Album:  Still Blowin'
Song:   Fed Up
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

When a player's pissed
There ain't nuttin she can do about it
If I'm runnin out of love
The bitches who need to talk about it

[Too $hort]
It's over - bitch I ain't fuckin wit'chu
Don't call me, cause we ain't got nothin to do
You on your own now, find a new manager
My bitch is on cruise control - I can't handle her
You so complicated, tellin lies and stuff
Too emotional for me, and you cry too much
I roll on these hoes when they test my game
They wanna be spoiled buyin extra thangs
We supposed to be a team, real players winnin shit
We hustle every day, and we share the benefits
It used to feel good but now I'm barely feelin it
Cause now, I don't really care if we end the shit
Bitch~! You gon' change on me?
You better take a good look, cause you ain't gon' see
my face... ever again
I'll find a better hoe and you can get a better pimp


[Too $hort - over Chorus]
It's over baby!

[Too $hort]
Now when I'm through wit'chu - ain't no gettin back
I don't want money from you, and I don't care who's hittin that
Don't speak when you see me and don't call a player
You can fuck a dog, for all I care bitch!
It ain't the same on your own
I know you miss me, that's why you playin games on the phone
I'm like Pimp C, I'm just not willing and able
to keep a bitch like you in my stable
You're nothin but trouble, you never could be on my level
You was turned off first time I said hello
You a freak and you fine but you weak in the mind
And worst of all, you're cheap wit'cha grind
You don't earn enough, got me burnin up
Cause you ain't even willin, to learn new stuff
Get the fuck out my face cause right now I will
whup your motherfuckin ass, bitch you know how I feel


[Too $hort - over Chorus]
What bitch?
I ain't tryin to hear that shit baby
Time's up
It's too late

Get the fuck out my face bitch!
It's over baby, nuttin to talk about
I fucks wit'chu no mo'
It's too late baby, ain't nuttin you can say
I'm outta here