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Artist: Too $hort f/ Mac Minister, Richie Rich
Album:  Respect the Pimpin'
Song:   Ya'll Ready
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Too $hort] BEITCH!!

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Take your clothes off for me, right now
Shake your ass break it down, to the ground
Bring it up spin around, right now
Is y'all ready for me?

[Too $hort]
It wiggles when she shakes it
You said "Leave her alone, that's Jake's bitch"
I said "Motherfuck Jake!
I'll take his lil' bitch and I'ma fuck her in the face"
Cause I'm a Oakland nigga, Eastside nigga
If she don't want me, you can keep my bitch
and I'ma take yours, and put her to work
I kicked her in the ass with my foot and it hurt
But don't trip - you woulda did the same
if she was actin lame, that's how it is in the game
This ain't a party, you wanna live it up?
They call me Short Dawg, I don't give a fuck!
It's real pimpin in the air, you can feel it all around
Don't take me too long, to pull her drawers
I'm Too $hort - I never could fake it
Come around me I'll say "Bitch get naked"


[Mac Minister]
I came back through the club just to see you groove
And I don't wanna hear nuttin about your dude
I just wanna get you wet an', hot and all sweatin
And I can't dick you all night LONG if you let me
Roll your ass over and tap your butt
It's a Fillmoe' nigga all in them guts
Checkin neckbones and brains, "I'll be back" like Arnold
68 position, now we fuckin like a porno
Asshole naked, nothin on but stilettos
Hotter than an iron when it's clappin with that metal
You screamin out loud on fire like a kettle
She ridin like a thug when he shoot through the ghetto
And I don't need a beat, I can do it acapello
Get your eagle on~! And I'ma show you how to spread 'em


[Richie Rich]
Rich, Rich, uhh
If she bitch she fuck, she suck she squirt
Fuck her good enough you can put her work
Rollin, spinnin, but not in reverse
On some Russell Red shit, nigga stay in her purse
You broke her bag, I emptied it out
Freak nasty, bitch like spits in her mouth
The pussy was wet, the head was dry
Bitch play wit'cha kids, look I'm not that guy
Child please! Hit her with that A Phi game
She went up the poll, and back down she came
Heard that pussy drinkin, smoke Black & Milds
Now which one of you niggaz gave this bitch a child?
It's a cold cold world, these hoes is pros
Mad cause I attached gold spokes to Vogues
Mack Most to stay up, $hort stay down
Rich'll represent the town and make a bitch lay down