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Artist: Too $hort
Album:  Respect the Pimpin'
Song:   Get Ya Money
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

You gon' be a star baby, no doubt about it
They love you - listen to 'em, look at 'em
They want yo' fine ass girl
I like the way you do that dance baby
I'ma show you how to get up there
and get yo' money though, I'ma show you how to get it

[Too $hort]
When I snap my finger man, girls start jinglin
I see 'em swingin and, I stick my finger in it
What you brang wit it? Big booty lean wit it
In between it, guess who I seen in it?
It was me in the mirror fuckin doggy style
It was her on my dick goin hella wild
I snap for this; I snap for that
I don't want the bitch, you can have her back
Cause all I wanna do is just make some cash
And all she wanna do is just, shake some ass
One snap {*SNAP*} I got it like that
When I'm in the house I have 'em droppin that cat
Down to the flo', she's a pro
You wanna hit the V.I.P.? We can go
If you tryin to get a nigga, to give you some money
then get butt naked, and dance for me!

So you wanna shake that ass girl?
Put a tax on that money maker
Make them pay a pretty penny for it
and keep them low while they checkin for ya (get ya money)
I put a tax on it, put a tax on it
Put a tax on that money maker
Put a tax on it, put a tax on it
Put a tax on that money maker (get ya money girl)

[Too $hort]
You look dangerous baby, don't hurt nothin
Do that dance girl, shake it like it's worth somethin
Who said you ain't shit? I don't feel him
If you asked me, the pussy's worth millions
You can even get famous with 'em
Get a loan from the bank like Jenna Jameson
She used to strip at the strip club
and now the bitch is rich as fuck
... I guess you not a hustler
These other bitches out here, ballin like a motherfucker
You still fallin for them suckers huh?
Them niggaz paid, and you don't want nuttin from 'em
Don't be scared~! He ain't tough
Just shake that ass like you goin bankrupt
Your momma used to throw it like that
You bounce that booty hoe and don't hold back

[Chorus] w/ Too $hort ad libs

[Too $hort]
You got a pussy and you broke?!
You try to dance naked, they say what you do it fo'?
You tried to strip, it didn't work
Cause you still ain't got no motherfuckin money in yo' purse
Now some of us we don't know who we are
You're not a stripper, you a movie star (porno)
You like the hustle, always workin hard
Why you ridin that cab, you cain't afford a car?
Yo' nigga's paid but you don't touch no cash
Cause all he wanna do is just fuck yo' ass
You cain't even USE his car
You be waitin on that nigga when they close the bar
And if he don't pick you up, you've gotta call a cab
and get a motel room, it's not - all that bad
Cause one day you might be able, to ball at last
when you figure out what to do with all that ass!!