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Artist: Too $hort f/ Jazze Pha
Album:  Respect the Pimpin'
Song:   Bitches Need Love Too
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*16 second opening by Jazze Pha*}

[Chorus: Jazze Pha]
If you asked me, the bitches need love too, ooooh
If you asked me, the bitches need love too
If you asked me, the bitches need love too, ooooh
If you asked me, the bitches need love too - welll

[Jazze Pha]
Shorty I, apologize
Refuse to compromise
Cause I'm tired of yo' shit, tryin to play me like a trick
When you're freaky who's the one you call? (Yeahhh)
Girl lately you've been creepin out the back do'
Runnin with them triflin hooooooes
And I'm tired of yo' games (don't talk about, be about it)
Why you tryin to play on me? (Gonna break it down, how I feel about it)


[Too $hort]
Since you neglectin her, she's always on my line
She keeps beggin mine, so I fuck her all the time
You don't want her, I might as well call her mine
My name is $hort, but she said yo' dick ain't tall as mine
You ain't got that long dough, that's why I'm pimpin on the hoe
Always tryin to get some mo', better come, get yo' hoe
Cause I don't give a fuck mane~! No it's not a, fuck thang
The bitch got low self-esteem, she tryin to cover up again nigga


[Too $hort]
I know the bitch wants love, I'm tryin to see what can I get
Can I put that pussy, under new management?
You can call me daddy bitch, tell that nigga "See you later"
Tell him I got so much game that he could never be a player
There's no, motivation, make a bitch get some paper
Of course she wants to go to work, you're too lame to ever make her
All you wanna do is ride around in yo' expensive whip
She out there gettin money mane and you don't even love the bitch


[Outro: Too $hort]
I know you love her, you better
Cause if she was payin me, I'd love the bitch
Yeah that's right, I love these hoes
when they payin me
Knahmean mane? If the bitch is gettin it
Then she a superstar nigga
Fuckin around with these broke ass bitches
Oh we don't love them hoes, no no
But these money makers
You gotta love the way they get that shit BEITCH
I know you wanna be loved
I know whassup girl, holla at me
Yeah no no, I ain't gon' do it like that
Fuck that nigga bitch
Let's get it