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Artist: Too $hort
Album:  Respect the Pimpin'
Song:   Bitch I'm a Pimp
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I dress like a peeimp, I walk like a peeimp
I talk like a pimp cause BITCH I'm a peeimp
I floss like a peeimp, I'm boss like a peeimp
Sock it to my pocket cause BITCH I'm a peeimp

[Too $hort]
Whassup motherfucker? You know me
They say when you grow up what you gon' be?
I was nine years old when I figured it out
and ten years later young nigga was 'BOUT IT
I'm straight laced in the O-A-K
So I already know what a hoe gon' say
They all wanna join the team
Hang around daddy while I do my thing
Get your ass in the car, gimme a stack
Fuck that shit, bitch sit in the back
You see that 6? It cost big money
Lil' Japanese hoe bought that for me
She's so good, she's so sweet
Pussy so tight make the chick skeet skeet
Everybody know whassup with me
So if you ever see me rollin down the street


[Too $hort]
Bitch I'm a pimp for real
Break this hoe then she can feel
I'm a mack in the 'llac on vogues
But my hat don't match my clothes
Fake pimps don't make no money
You got one I got EIGHT snow bunnies
Bitch I been a vet
All my hoes on the internet
But that ain't what you wanna hear
I ain't put a bitch on the corner in years
How the fuck do I get these women?
I guess you can call it high-tech pimpin
Hoes like to buy me things
New cars, new diamond rings
You wanna make daddy happy?
Sell them tricks that Laffy Taffy


[Too $hort]
Trick nigga you don't ball like this
Holdin hands at the mall with a bitch
Shoppin spree and everythang's on you
But don't tell the bitch what you ain't gon' do
Cause she gon' check you, disrespect you
All she gotta say is, "I want that too"
You know love gets better with time
And yo' credit cards don't never decline
Keep swipin, don't stop it
It ain't trickin if you got it
You think she earned it mane?
Listen real close nigga learn some game

[Chorus] - 3X