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Artist: Too $hort f/ Kokane
Album:  No Trespassing
Song:   Shut Up Nancy
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash


[Too $hort]
Shut up bitch! You talk too much
Always complain about the same ol' stuff
Gettin on my nerves, you so irritating
Usin too many words and my ears cain't take it
And your voice is kinda loud too
... What else can that mouth do?
You like cum, tell her what it taste like
You keep some on your tongue, make the stay quiet
What?! Better not hate me
Cause you still got to stay with me, you still got to pay me
What's my fee? I charge what you earn
You so lucky, you get to gargle this sperm
Now it's all in your perm
Got you actin crazy like you smokin sherm
But all I smoke is the kush
You need to shut yo' mouth bitch, hush!

[Chorus: Kokane]
She talk too fuckin much
She just don't wanna shut up - NANCY!!
You need to shut your mouth
cause you talk too fuckin much - NANCY!!
You talkin all that stuff
Bitch don't get beat up - NANCY!!
I just can't be with you
cause you run yo' mouth too much {CAN YOU FEEL ME?}

[Too $hort]
You know me, I'm always clownin
But Nancy, that bitch is always frownin
And now, she don't even like to smile
She just makes me faces and talks too loud
Shut up Nancy~! You gettin on my nerves
Too many adjectives and not enough verbs
Every time you speak, all you do is babble
We ain't at the house playin Scrabble, bitch!
Fuck you, and fuck yo' opinion
cause I just fucked this big butt Dominican
and hit that shit from a lot of angles
She ain't speak English, just body language
So we ain't even have to say nothin
Just stayed up all night fuckin
Nancy, you could never ever be like us
You need to shut yo' mouth bitch, hush!!


[Too $hort]
Shut up Nancy! You're such a disgrace
Talk shit to me you get fucked in the face
I don't care bitch; tell 'em that
My name is Too $hort, who the fuck you yellin at?
Fuck with me you be in "Silence of the Lambs"
Your boyfriend left you, cain't find another man
You're too upset, to play wit'chaself
So you never have sex - remember how it felt
when you used to get kissed, on those lips?
But now all you do is talk shit!
You need to wipe yo' mouth with some toilet paper
Turn out the lights and drink boilermakers
cause you already know whassup
I'm tryin to get you drunk, and when you throwin up
just spit out all them words and flush
Shut yo' mouth bitch, HUSH~!! {CAN YOU FEEL ME?}