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Artist: Too $hort f/ Silk-E
Album:  No Trespassing
Song:   Boss
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

$hort $hort, Short Dog's in the house
Where they at mayne? Where they at?
The real ones

[Too $hort]
I put her through boss bitch trainin
Been doin this shit since back in the day when
bitch started askin me, "Would you be my daddy?
You can have me; I wanna be in yo' family"
You wanna be on the winning team?
She said "You motherfuckin right and I'll do anything!"
You ain't gotta be a hoe to know the rules of the game
Bitches like you just gotta use everythang
And you hard for a pretty girl to get a lot of paper
A lot of rich men wanna go out on dates with her
Pick a number, better get what you want girl
And roll yo' eyes at the stupid-ass dumb girls
Leave the club and get fucked for free
But when she needs it, she ain't got no money
If you a hustler, I know you ain't feelin that
Somebody tell me where the real ones at?

[Chorus: Silk-E]
You wanna be on the winning team
Better watch what you say to me (I'm a boss, bitch!)
Now watch it as it goes around
Cause this game out here ain't free (I'm a boss, bitch!)
I really cain't explain it cause
I feel it runnin through my blood (I'm a boss, bitch!)
But if another girl's around
she got to pay meeeeeee

[Too $hort]
Keep payin 'em, if you wanna fuck 'em
You see them pretty titties and I know you wanna touch 'em
She'll do some thangs that'll make yo' day
She's not a hooker but you still gotta pay to play
Cause with a hoe, when it is you go
But these boss bitches - wanna spend some mo'!
And don't complain cause she don't like it when you clown her
Just pull your card out, and swipe it at the counter~!
When you met her, you thought you had a chance
Seen her at the club and got a funky little dance
But the bitch needs help - are you willin and able?
Got diamonds in your chain, bottles on your table
She don't want a lot, just enough to get by
Keys to the house and you can fuck every night
Access to the whips and don't talk no shit
Niggah! You got a boss bitch


I know, I make it, look way too easy
But it ain't easy bein me
Hard to dumb it down when you're global
Like fittin a 10 in a 6, it cain't hold you
You cain't see me man, it ain't your bi-focals
(Tell 'em how the boss females do it Silk!)
Heel game sick, hips move like whips
Floatin on that black ice, baby dancin in the rain
My mindfuck sicker but the truth is so slicker
She'll be focused on the picture got you stuck on the frame
Highly motivated, baby stay in yo' lane
I'm outta yo' league plus I got a good aim
I'm cross the skyline for no reason
You buckethead broads out here sleazin, fuckin for some change
My passport full, I'm plottin on an empire
I got the bank and you know where, that's a misfire
I fraternize, boss player certified
Tellis{?} fur coat man, hurry up and buy!
Make him, I make him hate that I'm his ex-girl
He tried to give my swag game to his next girl (yup)
And if I catch you impersonatin Silk-E
Bitch I'ma make you cut your cat girl!

Who you work for? You got uniforms?
He ain't even a real one, damn!
Shoutout to the ones doin they own thang
Gettin they own dough, makin they own moves
Ain't waitin for no handout - ha~! Ya dig?
I say swipe or no swipies, hahaha
(I'm a boss, bitch!) {*4X*}