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Artist: Too $hort
Album:  Chase the Cat
Song:   Can I Hit It
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

She's a BEITCH!  Say what, bitch?  Don't get it twisted
Sup with that little crazy man - it is what it is
Yeah, yeah - tryin to get with that mayne

[Too $hort]
You call that a dance?
Look like you fuckin the Invisible Man
I wanna put my hand - in between yo' legs, and grip it
Stick my finger in you, see if you with it
so I can hit it - know what I mean?
Freak nasty, all on my thing
I never seen nothin like that
I'm lookin at the cat - it's lookin back
But don't doubt me, cause when I put my mind to it
I take my time, I run a line through it
(And what?) Get up in them guts
I make you scream while I'm fuckin it up - beitch!

I wanna fuck this bitch; I wanna hit that shit
I want her to suck my dick - can I get it real quick?
I wanna fuck this bitch; I wanna hit that shit
I want her to suck my dick - can I get it real quick beitch?

[Too $hort]
She's shakin that ass, but she ain't no whore
(What is she?) She's on the dancefloor wantin more
(She's a freak) Alcohol
She went to sit down and was about to fall
She's too drunk - but that's cool
I'm bout to take her to the old school
Big freakin (yeah) at the house drinkin (yeah)
I do this every weekend
And on the weekdays, I do the same thing
Gettin all this love that the game brings
I cain't sing - but my songs made me rich (pimpin)
Now watch me break this bitch!


[Too $hort]
I walked up to her, and said, "Whassup?
I love the way you dance, I bet you can fuck"
That's when she blushed, I started spittin it
Give me two hours, I'll be hittin it (up in it)
Gettin it, while the gettin is good
I made her grab my dick, I knew she would
And when she felt it - it was on
She said, "Take me home" (sure did)
And two rubbers later, she was whipped (whipped her)
Forever my bitch
But don't trip - cause I ain't (I ain't trippin)
It's small things to a giant

[Chorus] - 0.75X