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Artist: Too $hort f/ Daz, Kurupt
Album:  Blow the Whistle
Song:   Sadity
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Daz] + ($hort)
Uhh, yeah
This for all them girls that be actin like they so fine
Whassup $hort?
(Man grab Lil Jon and Kurupt) Kurupt
(Let's fuck these hoes up) Daz
(Yeah) Lil Jon
(Whassup with that bitch?)

She want it, Gucci'd up, jewelry'd down
Give a fuck if you fine bitch, we got to clowwwn
Break it down for all you bad hoes
E'rybody's somebody, yeah they gots to know
Livin off a scholarship, parents and lawsuits
Wanted that pussy girl, soon as I saw you
Baby girl you the freak of the week
So sadity, you ain't pretty girl, suck on theeeese
Sorry, don't want me to talk like dat
I gotta see you girl when you walk like dat
Ask your name and number and I start to wonder
Is there any mo' stuck up hoes out yonder
Sexy brown chocolate vanilla white child
I like yo' ass and I like yo' smile
But all that smirkin gon' get you cussed out
Fuck you bitch, put this dick in your mouth

[Chorus: Daz]
See I don't, know why, you act so sadity
You're superbad bitch but your ass ain't pretty
Show me your ass girl, then show me yo' titties
Too $hort, Lil Jon and Pound get wit it

(Why you act sadity.. why you act sadity..)
(Why you act sadity.. why you act sadity..)

[Too $hort - over Interlude]
Fuck that bitch!
With her sadity ass

Damn, look at her, what's your name?
How come I ain't never met you in the game?
You somebody I could have on my side
We could partner in crime, it's just you and I
The problem is that you're just a bitch
I couldn't trust you as far as you can sit and piss
Look bitch, I know you got bank
You're actin rude, and your attitude is stank bitch
But that shit won't work with me
Uncle Too $hort, or D-A-Z
See I'm bangin to Lil Jon
When this dumb pretty bitch turned my radio off
Had a nigga, so pissed off
So I laid right back and let her eat my dick off
Yeah bitch, I'm talkin to you
Stop actin high sadity bitch, chill be cool


[Too $hort]
You got money in your purse girl
Shake that ass, make it work girl
Tryin to shake it 'til it hurt girl
I'm fin' ta check yo' ass
Lil' bad-ass bitch came through with her clique
They all look good, I'm like who would I pick
When they walk past me, I do 'em like this
Grab that ass, let her feel on my dick
Actin fake sadity and stuck up
Sittin next to her, she holla get the fuck up
You ain't never too cute to get slapped
Shit gon' change when you get with a mack
You can't hold back when you fuck with me
Don't let me find out that you're just a tease
Don't let me find out you won't suck my balls
Bitches like that I don't fuck with y'all
I fuck with bad bitches, my girls do it all
I ain't gotta finance trips to the mall
Tell that fine-ass bitch I'm Todd Shaw
As I stick my dick in her jaw

[Chorus] + [Interlude]