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Artist: Tony Yayo f/ Soulja Boy
Album:  Gunpowder Guru 2: The Remixes
Song:   King of the Pyrex Remix
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Verse One [Soulja Boy]
I'm a superstar bitch get your telescope
All eyes on me like a microscope
Me and Yayo doing shit that you ain't never seen
I'm flipping through you weak bitches like a magazine
And girl jumpin on my dick like a trampoline
Each instrumental it's a different murder scene
19 living all my motherfucking dreams
I can get a hundred thousand in these Gucci jeans
If you left the game they wouldn't miss him
I kicked in the door fucked up the whole system
Couldn't explain how this shit feel
I'm real important like a hundred dollar bill
Everybody want me, yeah they want a piece of me
Attack all you want man there ain't no defeatin' thee
S.O.D terror yeah it's new era
Boss money [? ] shouts outs New Era
Nigga I'm good for ya like a vitamin
250 G's just to make my tire spin
SOD bitch my chain look like lightening
Hoes at my party but we didn't invite the bitch

[Chorus: Tony Yayo]
Street manuscript, cocaine analyst
King of the pyrex I whip it up and I hit a lick
I whip the pyrex then I hit the lick
I whip the pyrex then I hit a lick
I am chef I can show you how to split a brick
I whip it up then I hit a lick

Verse Two [Tony Yayo]
Rockerfella law, cut a lot a time
I keep my head above water New York State of mind
I get shot for the shines like Waka Flocka
The {?} and the fiends are flocking
We got that Bobby and Whitney
Throw you a price and you hit me
I throw that bitch on a scale in a jiffy
But don't miss me
More money more power that's the motto
That's why the US assassinated Pablo
I read palms and the Bible
They tell me pray for my haters but I really find it hard to
Designers drugs, designers clothes, my whole neck froze
We Steve Nash hoes
S.O.D G-Unit we G'd up
Move 10 bricks now it's time to re-up
I move around with the Nina
With a bad bitch with an ass like Trina
New York State of Mind like Billy Joel
I Godfather the blunt the whole philly swoll
All my cars are clean, the new and O{?}
I'm fresh in the town connected with my Kin folk (that's my cousin)
Bitches talking bout a nigga like Miss Info
I'm in the kitchen water whipping getting more dough
Me and Soulja riding round in the Lambo
We getting money so we ain't cuffing no hoe