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Artist: The Tongue
Album:  Redux: The Mixtape
Song:   Today was a Good Day (Ice Cube Remix)
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Summertime huh... summer breeze
Think back to the summer days

[Verse 1]
Aiyyo, just waking up in the morning gotta thank god
I dunno, but today seems kinda odd
Went from the bed to the kitchen to fix some food
Flicked on the radio and they was pumping Ice Cube
Well alright yo, that shit sounds nice
So I poured myself a grinspoon, that's Jameson on ice
Swallowed it down, then I pick up the phone
d-d-d-ial my lady friend and she wasn't alone
You see her and two friends were 'bout to hit the beach
They said 'bring your posse and your weed, capiche'
The freaks were all ready so say no more
Got my fellas in the back, I put the pedal to the floor
And we sawed through the city they call S.Y.D.
A little drunk as we drove by the RBT
A little funk for your Friday, three day weekend
We smoking on the darkside, trippin in the deep end
And ah, these friends of mine are laughing
These girls we met between the flags had lifeguards gasping
G-strings and gin left me with nothing to say
Except for god damn - today's been a good day

[Verse 2]
We put our skin cells through trauma and smoked them spliffs
Made out in the shade and surfed waves til six
It was just another day to take it back to the 60's
The sex and the drugs, true love and whisky
Later on we hit the clubs and spin it like a frisbee
I was frisky for a microphone and reppin for my city
Fame had our names on the door at the jam
an old school house party south of Petersham
Many crews were in attendance from Bondi to Blacktown
And not the slightest bit attention
A real hub up in the smoker's section
Ladies in the back giving yoga lessons
What was I to do but bust a move to the beat
Put my Nike Airs to work and dirty up my sneaks
We cut the rug like carpenters til stars fell our way
Kept at tone with my girl and we pashed all the way
Ahh yes, you know what they say - today was a good day

Then we go home right...

[Verse 3]
So we hit it, I gripped it
Body parts twisted, smacked it, attacked it
Found a new position
Kept giving her encores, I insisted
Looking back, it's amazing we weren't injured
The silhouette takes all the breath out my lungs
What I did with her drained all the strength from my tongue
I could barely say a word by the time that the phone rang
(Where you at brother?) 'Just chilling at home mate'
(Ain't you heard the news?) 'Nah I've been doing my own thing'
(Well this just in homie, Howard has lost it
'Been sung like a rock, got knocked off his spot
We headed down to the park to let champaigne pop
And yo, Felix said it's going off in the Cross
And there's people dancing in the streets, meet us there at 4 o'clock)
He hung up, I stared at sky until sun up
Thinking about all the things that I would do that summer
The world is an oyster with a spoon lying next to it
If life is hard then this must be the best of it
I can't complain so I'll just pray
for another moment like this - today was a good day