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Artist: The Tongue
Album:  Redux: The Mixtape
Song:   Blunted Freestyle #4
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Bringing it back today like it was back in the day
I'm prettier than the ash in your tray
I'm stubbing it out, check the freestyle shit yo I'm running with now
In the club when it's wow, people all start freaking
I'm armed like the beat is
I keep coming back more squeaky than brand new sneakers
Yo we bleach out the bleaches
Cats ain't realise they can't reach us
Their rhymes too short, we too far away
I'm like ?? such a harder way
When I start to dunk back, bringing the funk
Like we got bodies in the trunk
Soprano, with the half flow
That's how it be when we represent on the S.Y.D.
I'm from the east side where we living it up, cats giving it up