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Artist: The Tongue
Album:  Redux: The Mixtape
Song:   Blunted Freestyles #2
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Ah yeah yeah what
I'm back down here just to rock
These rappers got egos bigger than Ayres Rock
Fuck man, I wouldn't even walk on em
I hate to waste a mic up and even talk on em
But I gotta stalk on em
because they're watching me tryna get a little piece of my pie
Get the fuck off yo, you're pissing me off guy
I'll swat you like a fly, they should call you Lewie!
Check how we do when I chop you up like chop shuey {sic}
Chop suey, I shut up shop and then I bust off, kick a couple of frees
Let me talk about these cats like I'm Kid Capri
And call a few names out, that's how it be, it's 'bout to rain now
All these cats jump around like it's House of Pain now
Huh, yeah you getting flamed now like it was the Fantastic Four
Let me kick it some more or maybe kick in the door on these...