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Artist: Tonedeff f/ NumberNin6
Album:  Glutton EP
Song:   Glutton
Typed by:, Tonedeff

One is not enough, I'm a glutton, ah ah ah
Wanna take it all till there's nothing, ah ah ah 
Grasping at the bottom when I plunge in, ah ah ah
Never sleep because I'm always huntin for more
Nothing is ever enough, because I am a gl-u-tton, ah ah ah
Consumption is my only function, ah ah ah
If I run out, then I'm cuffing whatever you're cl-u-tching, ah ah ah 
Never sleep because I'm always huntin for more

Mmmm, and I got that craving for it, but I'm not depraved, well sorta
When I'm out surveying sources for one of my most favorite courses
I just want a tasty morsel, staving off this aching torture 
And the emptiness makes me nauseous till I'm sedated with weighty portions 
(Uh) And I'm aiming for more 
but it never seems that I get a fill, it's the same as before 
Then whatever grabs onto my appetite, chase the allure 
And I'm expanding my palate, till there's pain in my jaw -- awwww
I wanna it taste all, and masticate the mass decay
No trash or waste involved 
A hasty mauling, place the staw in, savor the sauce 
Till the flavor dissolves and I wanna scrape the walls


I gotta get another goodie, yup, but I gather
it's gonna be grimy going the way that it be going down
I gotta give my gums a grueling goal on behalf of my stomach 
That's growling, notice the gain in the groans and growls
It's giving me grief
But grinning is easy when I be gritting my teeth
So don't gimme no guilt trip, cause I know it's an illness 
That's explodes with the real risks of grilling with, grease 
And this guttural call to gluttony's all I know 
Cold sputtering on the brink, so gully 
Whore lust, more numbing, monopoly board 
Money scores, color me raw in pink 
The onus on me, is oh so sloppy
Yet folks'll copy, this soulless zombie 
In a swollen body, only a hearty appetite for more 
But at my core there's a hole with no heartbeat - UGH!

[Bridge: Repeat 4X {intensifies during each repeat}]
I want it all and I want it now  
Your heart, your soul, your doubt 
Everything that's breathing out 
Gets crushed in my mouth


I said I WANT MORE~!!

...yeah, I'm shameless
And I won't get sober, there's no leftovers 
No matter what the state of my plate is 
Hey this needless want is evil, huh? Yeah, but I need and I want it 
A precipice I never teeter on 
Cause I seem to fall in deep to the balls when I heed the calling 
We've evolved from a cauldron 
where each and all reach and crawl for the profits 
And breach the walls, trying to keep what you've got
Yes, you'll feel the gnaw reaching down for your wallet 
And I got a fever for the flavor of a kill 
If I'm gonna meet my maker, then intaking his creation whole 
Filled with a Cheshire Cat grin, and my deeds purged for him to discover 
like, "Please sir, can I have another?"


I want it all, and I want it now
I want it all, yes I want it now
I want it all, yes I want it now
I want it all, right nooow...