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Artist: Tony Touch f/ LikNuts (Tha Alkaholiks & The Beatnuts)
Album:  The Piece Makers 3: Return of the 50 MC's
Song:   World Premier
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[Intro: J-Ro]
Yeah! Oh! LikNuts! And you do know that! Yeah!
We keepin this shit goin, beeyotch! Ha Ha Ha!

[Verse One: J-Ro]
Aiyyo pretty angel my name is J-Ro
Bust off in your hair and I call that a halo

[Verse Two: Psycho Les]
It's the nut bustin, butt pumpin, stud muffin
Psycho Les push the button and get the club jumpin

[Verse Three: Tash]
There's nothin they could say except Tash was on the way

[Verse Four: Juju] (Tash)
With some liquor and some bitches you can hate ev'ryday (What's yo' name?)

[Verse Five: Juju]
Ju Jameson in the car where all the cocaine is in
Gettin some dome by croatian twins

[Verse Six: Psycho Les]
Aiyyo Juju you could blame the Patron
While I got a cravin to bone Raven Symone

[Verse Seven: E-Swift]
Not if she grown, I'm thinkin 'bout takin her home
Makin her moan, record it on my cellular phone

[Verse Eight: J-Ro]
I hope you takin notes, dope as ancient quotes
Spoon bitches in the mornin like Quaker Oats

[Verse Nine: Juju]
Yeah sorry girls no kissin from me
I want head behind the dumpster and pussy for free

[Verse Ten: E-Swift]
They call me E-Sweezy please believe me
Slide in your girl easily I'm so greasy

[Verse Eleven: Psycho Les]
Yo E this is off the beer meter
Shorty flashin her pom pom's like a cheerleader

[Verse Twelve: Juju]
Please feed her, she's a beef eater
Real bitch no teeth either, you can put it in her ass she a deep sleeper

[Verse Thirteen: J-Ro]
Cheap skeezer, toppin me off
In a two seater while we chier reefer

[Verse Fourteen: Juju]
She's a, freeloader, weed smoker, coke snorter
Bi-polar give you the cold shoulder

[Verse Fifteen: Tash] (Psycho Les)
Well well well what do we have here? (LikNuts with a world premier!)