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Artist: Tony Touch f/ Willie the Kid
Album:  The Piece Makers 3: Return of the 50 MC's
Song:   Power Cypha
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[Intro: Willie the Kid]
Yo! Aiyyo!

[Verse One: Willie the Kid]
Terror kinda red check the landscapin
I built mine on the coldesac my clan draped in
War torn wardrobes hands over robes
I take pride in my work load
Envelopes of money I'm in golf, like the gulf coast
Plight your second coat, never learned to guard the rock but crossed liked I did
Willie the Kid captivated by the paper
A pure puritan but not a drinker
The purist, pourin rose', sweet as raspberry pure'
Bulletproof Porsche's and what not, perse'
I can't be persuaded, sprayed everything
I'm from the basement, my testament of greatness
Straight to the, brain like a overdose, heart rate descendin
You're comatose, I make a toast to all my naysayers
Then fly, I must descend amongst the weight payers
All is fair in warfare Ric Flair's flare
Nigga play no flea flicker, cheap liquor
Never, some weak bitches I'm allergic
My nigga Tony Touch a wash the money like detergent
Fell behind determined no deterrin, power cypha
(YO YO YO!) Can effect the trifecta
Use to pop neck then smoke the reefa with the heffers
Now I catch flights sippin louis out acceptors
Accept it nigga! You can't change what the Lord has ordained
I'm, destined for greatness, power cypha!