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Artist: Tony Touch f/ B-Real
Album:  The Piece Makers 3: Return of te 50 MC's
Song:   Hit This
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Never-Never been shot, or never been knocked out
One of the longest livin legends of this here
Check it out!

[Verse One: B-Real]
My homie Toca Tony Touch roll the dutch up
I got the kush he got the sour now we fucked up
This ain't for lightweights we play the game for high stakes
Boostin up the crime rate to make it in your mind state
Legalize it is the message on the weed leaf
Follow my campaign on B-Real TV
And you can see me, Tony on the weekly
Smokin out the club we never do it discretly
We stay elevated they hate that we celebrated
We don't give fuck it's for those who will appreciate it
We just initiate it then call it a day homie
Now you blaze 50 mc's a day homie
Blazin on your mixtape people catch your contact
Like smokers catchin bodies on the field when in combat
No stress don't test homie stall that
Take a hit of my weed then watch a rookie fall back