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Artist: Tony Touch f/ A.G., Masta Ace
Album:  The Piece Makers 3: Return of the 50 MC's
Song:   Double A
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[Intro: Tony Touch Scratchin] (A.G.)
To-T-T-T-T-Tony Touch! Tony Tou-Tou-T-T-T-Touch-"Big L"
I'm runnin with A you runnin with B-B-I'm-I'm-
I'm runnin with A you runnin with B-B-"Big L"
(Talk to 'em man)

[Verse One: A.G.]
Take 50 MC's all at the same time
Line 'em all up put me on the other side
Let's bang see who remain, after we collide
That's rap, got hamburger beef with fries
So diverse, I curse the bubble gum rapper
Turnin my culture into laughter
Nah homeboy I'm a champ see it swingin from the rafter
So I make it harder for those that go after
On the quiet storm, this art at it's highest form
Mama threw the crown on the day I was born
I'm a lion you just lyin, go against the giant
Our music is a science not shit that we tryin
I'm flyin you stranded on the runway
So underground they built the booth in the motherfuckin subway
Shelltoe Adidas for Run and D and 'em (Uh Huh!)
+Sucker MC's+ I find and +Ether+ them
The fourth generation that A is speakin to
Since Peanut Chews, Gazelles and Adidas suits
To, Timberlands, Air's and Monclair's
It don't matter with A, when I speak they all ears
If you disagree, and wanna make it real
A.G. D.I.T.C.@Gmail
Been ill since Sally sold seashells
Down by the seashore, how much, wood could a wood chuck?
Made a small list of all the berries I would fuck
My drive so impressive I lift my hood up
Impregnate the track with my lingo
Made Tony Touch the Godfather, baptized the single

[Verse Two: Masta Ace]  
Y'all cats could forget it, I'm about to set it
Somebody 'bout to get deaded you better call the medic
If you standin 'round oblivious it's somethin serious
'Bout to happen to you dog I'm a let it
I be the author that wrote the book you read it
I be the cash in hand my man not credit
My energy connected, if you got money to spend
If this here is my year you can bet it
I take a dip in the pool and don't need a towel
I can spell Mississippi and don't need a vowel
I can hug a grizzly bear smellin like buck of the trout
No doubt you won't even growl
I be the best in the nation make a notation
No song in rotation full of confrontation
I could give the +I Have A Dream+ speech to the Klu Klux Klan
And, I get a standin ovation
Chose your location I go there you met me
My name tattooed on chicks, who never met me
I got plans me and my mans and four Becky's
Tony Touch in the clutch, case of dos seki's
I make a fist put my whole hand in your girl
I am, the most interestin, man in the world
I make a fist put my whole hand in your girl
I am, the most interestin, man in the world
Let's go!